Tuesday, June 6, 2017

We Discuss Summer Uniform Goals And Mango.

A: We just got this email:

If one of your models has a big head, we have them covered. If you need to model baseball caps, bucket hats, etc let me know and we can send some. 
Have a good day! 
Thank you,

M: Oh my god. I love this so much.


M: Mike, you sure know how to talk to a girl.

A: He has them covered!

M: Damn this entire post to hell UGH.

A: DAMMIT. That is so good. (Wait. Not these shorts, tho.)

M: Oh I would 100% wear those if I had the upper legs for them. 100%.

A: I am being very Old Lady about them because I am still working up to step hems.

A: I do love those last two sets A LOT.

M: I just want a life with t-shirts and cutoffs and cute shoes and fun earrings ALL OF THE TIMES.

A: It’s the dream, right? This is the best summer uniform.

A: Related: I really need to work on my Fun Earring wardrobe.

M: ME TOO. I want those straw ones for starters.


M: I know, those are my next favorite.

A: Hey, what color sunglasses did you pick for the Zoe Box?

M: I got tortoise but I'm conflicted still.

M: Also, I have a lotta questions about this LEWK:

A: Is that The Shirt with some kind of terrible overall jumper thing? I am NOT ON BOARD.

A: Also, I can't say LEWK.

M: It's just Look but with attitude.

A: Oh, I know. I just cannot.

M: It's okay, I'll say it for you. LEWK.

A: Stoooooppppp.

A: And WAIT. Mango wants me to wear two dresses? The Shirt in dress form with another ugly dress over it?

M: Right? it made me mad.

A: Does Mango hate women?

M: Oh Mango is a treasure trove of WTF. I still want those earrings tho.

A: The earrings are great but the rest of that site is a ruffletastrophe and WTF times A MILLION:

M: AhahahahaHAAAAA.

A: I need a nap.

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  1. I now understand how my daughter and her friends feel when they say they are triggered. UGH. Most of that was hideous. Don't click the Beachwear link on that site...It will just confuse you and it is too early in the day for alcohol.


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