Monday, June 12, 2017

BUY THIS (Because I Spend Way Too Much Time Price Comparing.)

Note: I wrote this last weekend, so my apologies if prices have changed or items have gone out of stock! 

Hey, remember that Foley + Corinna Frankie Weekender bag I posted about recently? It was $32 at TJ Maxx and I'm still kicking myself for not buying it. But yay, it's now available in two different patterns for $39.99. Because I’m a nerd, I want to know how much it is in other places so I started doing some price comparisons and couldn't stop. It originally retailed for $225 and you can still get the silver version for $79.99 at 6pm (edit: sorry! Looks like the price changed and it's now $119.99) or $118.39 at eBags or $147.99 at Jet. Whatttttt.

Damn, this is exhausting. And yet I persisted.

That cool F+C tote I posted about back in April? It's now is $61.75 at Last Call in white:

It’s $82.99 in black at 6pm and eBags has both colors (kind of?) for $72.79 each.

TJ Maxx almost always has the cheapest prices but check this out: The beautiful blue MBMJ Fran bag that’s less than $149.75 at Nordstrom Rack? Is $219 at TJ Maxx. Whhhhy? Who knows. The measurements are about the same so I'm assuming they're the same size. It’s all so confusing.

Another example:

This funny little Kooba Dionne Leather Crossbody Pouch retails for $148. It’s $49.99 at TJM, $69.97 at NR and $104 on the Kooba site. Wut. It’s cute but not $104 worth of cute.

This Kooba Everette small crossbody retails for $198 and it's $49.99 at TJ Maxx, $129 on Gilt, $229 at Shoptiques (brown/python) and $101.50 at Last Call (studded version, two colors).

PS. the Kooba Everette is available in a full-sized version (which I really like) in three colors at NR for $199.97.

PPS. This pretty blue Vince Camuto Anika crossbody is $49.99 at TJ Maxx and I can’t find it anywhere else! Snap that up. (Also! There is a blue MBMJ Hillier hobo! I'm sorry! But it's so pretty! Ahhh!)

Nap time now.

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