Monday, May 8, 2017

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): Going on a Trip? TJ Maxx Has You Covered.

I am, in fact, traveling for work this week so I may not be around much. But true to form I've sussed out some really good deals at TJ Maxx in case you were looking for a bag:

The best deal on the site right now? This FOLEY + CORINNA Expandable Marquise Weekender bag:

It's got leather trim! It retailed for $225 and now is $32! That is not a typo. I am all kinds of mad about this because I want it and I have no need for it at all. AT ALL. It's so cute! So useful! So ridiculously inexpensive! Ugh. There is also this gorgeous Kooba Marlow Leather Tassel tote:

It retailed for $348 and is now $104! That is a really good price for a leather tote with great details (I love the print lining) and I I think indigo is more interesting than your standard black. It’s also at Nordstrom Rack for $175, which, no, but the photos there will give you a better idea about the color.

Finally, there are a couple of carry-on suitcase deals I thought worth mentioning. This Diane Von Furstenberg suitcase is THE CUTEST and is marked down to $43 and this Mia Toro Italy hardside case is the one I just bought (though mine is white) and I definitely paid more than $43 for it, so. WAIT! I also just found this little Kooba leather wallet with a portable charger for $27 and damn, why don't I have that?? Too late now.

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