Monday, May 1, 2017

We Discuss A Signature Look.

M: So, this.

A: Topshop is punking us.

M: Right? Right.

A: I mean, at this point they're just sitting around getting high and making shit up.

M: Honestly, it sounds pretty fun. "Let's sew a SHEER SKIRT INTO THE WAIST! KNEE WINDOWS! CHIMPS AND DIMP!"


M: Quick, somebody make a Drunk Topshop tumblr.

A: It exists. It's called the Topshop tumblr.

M: Uh oh, don't check Kim France's phone case post.

A: Too late. The all-caps comment is mine.

M: Haha I didn't get to the bottom yet.

A: That case is $120!

M: I tried to stop you.

A: Where were you first thing this morning?

M: sooooorrrrry

A: Anyway, I knew several goth girls at art school that totally would've worn those jeans. Being a modern vampire was very in back in the 90s.

M: Oh sure. But they would just pull a tattered petticoat over their faded black jeans.

M: It would be AUTHENTIC modern vampire.

A: Yeah, true. The blue mom jeans are throwing me off.

A: I, um, worked in a vintage clothing shop in college and don't even want to tell you some of the things I marched around wearing.

M: Very Pretty In Pink I imagine.

A: Not quite that bad. Or maybe worse? Is Grunge Flapper a thing?

M: Well, it is now.

A: I did it best.


  1. I think actually that's a tissue for the jeans. Which will clearly cry copious tears of embarassment when someone buys that and wears it outside the house. Nope, she ain't peeing. It's the crying pants.

    1. Who among us doesn't need a pair of crying pants?


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