Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Adrien: Summer Work Wardrobe.

I'm not sure how much more casual I can get at work, but the dress code definitely loosens up in the summer and I definitely take advantage of it:

I'm wearing an Olive & Oak blouse that I've had for a million years (okay, three) and it's still going strong. I've never been able to find it online but there are tons of similar options. This one at the Gap is really pretty and some of the newer lines at Target has a similar peasant vibe - this blouse is really cute and ooh, this one too! If you want to get fancy, this Joie top would be a really beautiful choice and so would this one! Finally, this Plenty by Tracy Reese peasant blouse is nothing like mine, but it is under $40 and so pretty. Just saying. 

I am wearing my new Fidelity Sola white jeans which have been a great springtime option despite how quickly they get dirty. As far as white jeans go, this pair is pretty damn good. I love the fit (they don't stretch out) and the front pockets are fake so you don't have that weird white jean pocket see-through. Plus, they're on sale right now! Totally worth the price, I promise. Nordstrom has the Fidelity Sola in grey (which might be my next pair) as well as several other styles.  My favorite jeans by far. 

Daniel stopped by to remind you that his tail stripes are actually the best. Now, details:

My necklace is a chain pendant from Banana Republic from last year. They don't currently have anything like it (though I do really like this charm necklace they have on sale) but this Thalia Sodi necklace at Macy's has a similar look. I'm also wearing my Giles and Brother skinny railroad spike cuff and my Apple Watch. Bags and shoes: 

I'm sorry! I haven't changed out my bag in a little while but my cement MBMJ hobo goes with freaking everything. Nordstrom Rack has a bunch of MBMJ bags online right now including a different version of my hobo and the Fran satchel both in the cement color. I can't even look at the rest, it's too tempting. 

And, my sandals. Y'all know. Birkenstocks are one of those things that you can't appreciate until you live in them for a bit. Once you're hooked you don't even care, you just revel in the homeliness. I'm wearing the Arizona style in Hunter leather and there are a few more sizes available here. The more I wear them, the better they get! I currently also have a pair of the Gizehs in birko-flor (my review here) but I'd love a metallic leather pair with the soft footbed - either in silver or copper

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  1. Yes, to the Gizeh birko flor in copper. I got them at the beginning of the Spring and love them.

    Sassy in Clifton, VA (formerly DC)


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