Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Adrien: I Mean, It's a White T-Shirt.

This was really supposed to be a review for the Grana v-neck t-shirt I'm wearing but, I mean, it's a white t-shirt. You'd think I wouldn't have a ton to say. You'd be wrong: 

The Everlane Cotton V has been my go-to for v-neck tees for a while now but I was curious to try Grana's version, which is same price point and both are pima/supima cotton. I love most of my Everlane tees but they have an issue with the neckline seam twisting. Annoying, but not a big deal for me and I feel it's worth mentioning that my oldest Everlane tees (now relegated to sleep-wear) are the softest and always what I reach for first. I haven't had my Grana t-shirt long enough to make a fair comparison on longevity but I'm impressed so far. The neck seam is a separate piece with a slight ribbed quality that seems like it'll stay flat. 

They are also a really nice weight. Not super heavy but definitely not thin and see-through. For reference, I'm wearing a size medium because I like the extra slouch. If you're tempted, my Grana referral link will get you 10% off your first order! 

My jeans are Old Navy Rockstars and I love them a lot. It doesn't look like they have a similar patchwork model right now, but I haven't been super impressed by ON of late. LOFT has a cute pair of patchwork crops and this Big Star pair is nicely subtle and ugh, Madewell has a pair I covet. I really love patchwork denim, obviously, but this is just too far. TOO FAR. Details: 

Yeah, this is boring. My usual BR scarab beetle necklace and my usual Giles & Brother skinny railroad cuff bracelets. I keep checking Banana to see if there's any good jewelry but alas, they have discovered giant statement necklaces. Way to be current, Banana.  I will say that LOFT has some good pendant necklaces this season and I was particularly taken with this glitter pendant the last time I was in the store. It's reversible! And glittery! I mean. What do you want from me? 

PS. My sandals are the Birkenstock Gizeh and I am, of course, wanting a metallic pair because of course I do. To address a reader comment from last week on the fug-ness of Birkenstocks: Well, yeah. They aren't the prettiest or the most flattering shoe and they aren't for everyone. But, wearing is believing and my feet love them. Birkenstocks are having a fashion moment and I am EMBRACING THE MOMENT. 

Good day to you all. 


  1. did you take the same size in grana as you do in everlane?

    1. Yes! I get a medium in both brands for the plain t-shirts.

    2. To add to that - I have Everlane tees in small and medium but prefer the medium.

  2. Birkenstocks are cool! I straightened up my shoes the other day and was somewhat surprised to see I have 4 pair. Silver Arizonas and 3 (!) pair of Gizehs, including the luxe ALL LEATHER ones in black. (leather where the cork would normally go). When Birks had their 1st fashion moment in the 90s I remember having the "should we?" convo with a very stylish friend and we decided a glam pedicure was a must along with having the rest of your outfit be in no way hippieish. I've never looked back. And they look great on you.

    ALSO (who knew I had so much to say on this subject) I have traveled to Italy numerous times in the last 10 years and Gizehs are huge in Rome, even on men. On one 3 week trip to Rome I walked for 10 hours a day in Gizehs and never had a problem. Win/win

  3. Those Zadig patchwork jeans! The model's face: "Are you KIDDING me right now? You woke me up to try on these hideous jeans? At least I didn't bother to brush my hair."


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