Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Adrien: My New Favorite Dress.

If you read yesterday's entry you'll know that I was really pleased with the cheap-ass dress I bought at TJ Maxx. I immediately wore it and now I'm even more pleased:

The dress is Chelsea & Theodore and I paid $15 (clearance priced) in-store. It's not going to last forever but it's a great dress up/dress down option for summer and I love the hemline. The dress also comes in a very weird beigey color but I would just go for the black one.  Pro tip: cheap dresses tend to be thin, so I always wear a slip. Something exactly like this will do nicely.

I did notice that TJ Maxx had a few other similar dresses! This one has cool back detailing and this one, which is also Chelsea & Theodore, has a mesh insert which is sporty and fun. And, if you're looking for something similar but higher in quality, this Three Dots dress is a dead ringer and there's also this Everlane Cocoon dress which I still kind of want. 

My cardigan game is not on point right now so I threw on my Old Navy chambray shirt from last year and was like, "Oh. That kind" We're just going to go with it. I like that it makes my outfit more casual and breaks up the black a bit. My link it to this year's version but I have to say it looks pretty identical - right down to the white enamel buttons. There's also a darker wash version (which I also have) and that one looks great with white jeans. Who needs cardigans, anyway? Okay, that's crazy talk. I always need cardigans. Specifically this one. On to details:

I kept it pretty simple. I'm wearing a Madewell pendant from last year, but this Cymbal pendant has a similar feel and so does this Curvelink pendant. (WE NEED A CODE, MADEWELL.) I'm also wearing my Bijouone bracelet but the real deal Miansai cuff is awfully nice.

 Bag and shoes! I'm pretty sure y'all are tired of my MBMJ hobo obsession and I don't blame you. There are still a few MJ hobos on TJ Maxx but there are also some other great neutral leather bags that are just as nice. This cream perforated leather hobo is a great summer option and I love the warm taupe color of this Lodis bag. My shoes are Chie Mihara and there's nothing quite like them, but if you wear a size 38, these Chie sandals are cute and under $100! It's also worth mentioning there are some Chies styles on Nordstrom Rack right now. I also like this Mariel sandal at Madewell, which has a similar buckle-y style.

That's it for today!