Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Adrien: Favorite Lazy Combo.

This outfit is from the beginning of last week when the weather just decided to be cold again for no reason. Not cool, but it's an excuse to wear my favorite lazy combo: 

Striped shirt, check. Skinny pants, check. Ankle boots. Check. My favorite combo! This particular striped shirt is the Heavyweight Tee from Everlane and when I bought it two years ago I wasn't really sure if it was my favorite but I've worn it A LOT since then. The heavier weight makes it a nice option on days when you want a bit more than a t-shirt but not quite a sweater. It's become  a staple and I've definitely thought about getting another one in a different color but now that summer is approaching I'm looking at the striped Linen Box-Cut Tee. Wouldn't that look good with white jeans? I should also mention that the Breton Cotton Tee (which is a heavier weight) is on sale and I keep eyeing the Boxy Striped Tee even though I already bought and returned it. I mean, it's cute, right? Why did I return it?

My pants are a very, very old pair from Banana that have moto detailing that I can never capture in my photos. It doesn't really matter but I do like interesting moto details.  This Joe Fresh pair are super cute and come in four colors! (Olive, pls.) I also love the idea of moto-detail leggings, like this pair at WHBM or this fancier pair at Shopbop. And, ugh. I love a zip pocket. A lot.

I'm still wearing my Madewell et s├ęzane jacket all the time! It's surpassed my Downtown Field Jacket when it comes to cost-per-wear or whatever metric weird people place on their clothes. I just really like it, okay? It's long gone but Madewell never fails when it comes to lightweight jackets. The Northward Cropped jacket looks like a perfect cardigan alternative and also comes in denim(!) which OMG. I love that. I also dig this white oversized denim jacket for a great spring/summer option. This Where I Was From white jacket is even better but nearly sold out. Time for details: 

I'm wearing a great crystal pendant necklace c/o Mima at InfinEight and my bracelet is the Modern Screw Cuff from Bijouone. Both are pretty and low-key, just the way I like it.

I took the opportunity to wear my Madewell Lucien boots one more time before I switch over to sandals for the summer. I am still so pleased with them and still so surprised they still have them in stock. And you guys, I hope you took advantage of all the MBMJ bags at TJ Maxx because I am so happy I bought this Too Hot To Handle hobo, despite all my hand-wringing about it! It's back in stock at TJ Maxx in the light grey, though that might be a return. They also have a slightly different version in dark grey and red.  There is also a dark blue version of it on Gilt and ONE black one on Nordstrom Rack! It's really a great bag or I wouldn't have, like, three of them. Hush. I can quit any time I want. Stop giving me that look. 

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