Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Adrien: That Loft Dress

This Loft dress, you guys. I don't know that it's the Best Thing Ever but it's pretty close and I am super into it. Everything about it screams summer - the flowiness, the tie waist, the watermelon red-pink color, the fun pattern. I can see this dress getting a lot of action this summer: 

It's the Fan Floral Cap Sleeve dress and I'm wearing a size small, for reference. Covered enough to wear to work but casual enough for weekend fun. Great with flat sandals, great with heels and the color is just so much fun. And machine washable! It's a great dress, you guys.

I love how cute this dress looks with my blue bag. I have to say, Loft is killing it right now with the cute summer dress options. I'm very taken with this Cabana shift dress and y'all know I like tassels so of course I've got my eye on the Amaryllis tassel dress and the Chambray flutter dress. I also think the Pom Pom maxi dress could be the one that takes me over to the maxi side. We'll see. 

I'm not sure what the expression on my face is about, but my hair looks pretty nice! I've been using R+Co Park Ave Blow Out Balm and it makes my hair so smooth. I'll do a real review one of these days. Here are the details: 

I'm wearing my gold scarab pendant with this and I think it's beauty is in the weight of it. Just a nice shiny hunk of something that hangs right where it should. This House of Harlow necklace would do nicely in that capacity and this one as well. Or, if you're feeling extra fancy, this beetle pendant is pretty incredible. I'm also wearing my old reliable Giles and Brother skinny railroad spike cuff bracelets. The pave version is on sale, btw.

Bag 'n shoes! I love the blues that MBMJ made and OMG this blue Ligero tote is REAL CHEAP at Gilt! Git it! Also, this mini Natasha bag is a really gorgeous shade but man, that Ligero. If you want to get darker, this Dolce Vita tote is sharp in an inky blue and my bargain pick is this blue Merona hobo!

My shoes are a very old pair of Chie Mihara and are the most comfortable pair of heels I own. This pair of Chie sandals has a very similar vibe but I think the Madewell Mariel buckle sandal would be an excellent (and more reasonably priced) substitute.

That's it for today! Yay for summer clothes. My favorite.


  1. I got the same dress!! I love it. I love tie waisted dresses, there needs to be way more on the market. I also got this dress, similar silhouette and lovely print and bonus! It's on sale now! https://www.loft.com/blossom-flutter-dress/419868?skuId=22543080&defaultColor=4886&colorExplode=true&catid=catl000013

  2. This whole outfit is so great on you, love it! I'm really taken by the shoes though.


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