Monday, May 29, 2017

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): A Few TJ Maxx Jewelry Finds.

Hey, so you know that Lisa Freede hinge bracelet I wear a lot? That specific bracelet isn't on TJ Maxx but there's a bunch of other Lisa Freede jewelry at very good prices:

This hinge bracelet is pretty similar to the one I have with a little bit of extra fancy and this chunky link bracelet definitely appeals:

It's also available in gold if you're over the rose gold trend. I also like this cool cage bracelet in silver:

There are also a couple of rings and some other, slightly more odd, bracelets but I think those three are my favorites. 

A few other items of note:

This MBMJ watch is SO cute with the square face and blue band! SO CUTE.  

I can't find the retail price for this white ceramic Skagen watch, but it's beautiful and seems like a really good deal. 

Finally, there are some NARS products and Beauty Blenders in purple and pink the makeup section. Happy shopping! 

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