Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Adrien: No Wait, THIS One Is My Favorite.

Does it irritate anyone else when bloggers are like, "This whatever is my favorite!" in every post? Because how many favorites can you have? And also, how can I be guilty of this and still be irritated when other people do it? I blame Paul Ryan. 

Anyway, this little $15 dress I bought at TJ Maxx last month has gotten worn every single week since I bought it so I think it's safe to say it's my favorite. It's just so skimming and simple and is probably designed to self-destruct after the 20th wash so I'm very careful with it. 

The dress is Chelsea and Theodore and is still available in black (size S) and an odd oatmeal color (S, M,L). There's also this very similar dress by Cable & Gauge and this one which has some fun strappy detailing in the back. All under $20! As I've mentioned, the trick to wearing the cheap dress is a good slip. Commando slips are great (this one is on sale at Gilt) but I've also had good luck with this Calvin Klein version. It's a worthy investment and will solve a world of clothing problems. 

Look how happy I am! I meant to put a cardigan over this but totally forgot. I'm still wearing my cotton cardigans from two summers ago which is kind of sad, so when Banana sent me a email about how they're giving away clothes I immediately checked out the cardigan options.  This sheer snakeskin cardigan looks pretty freaking cute and hahahaaaa raffia fringe. I'm not mad at it? I don't know. This metallic cardigan is actually very cute in real life but then it literally comes apart at the seam the first time you wear it, which is not embarrassing at all. Why do I have Banana Republic Stockholm Syndrome? I never learn. Details:

My necklace is from J.Crew and, while they do have similar necklaces, I think the jewelry at Factory is way, way cuter. This Crystal Bubbles necklace is extra sparkly but I think the best bang for your statement necklace buck is this Crystal Collage necklace. So pretty! My bracelets are Giles & Brother skinny railroad spike cuffs

I'm carrying my old blue MBMJ Globetrotter hobo but there's an equally lovely blue MJ hobo on TJ Maxx right now, which I linked in my entry yesterday. There's also this bright blue MJ hobo over at Nordstrom Rack! Just saying. For my more budget-conscious readers, this blue Liz Claiborne hobo is a dead ringer for my bag and under $40! 

Finally, my clog sandals are Lotta from Stockholm peep toes and they come in a million fun colors. Yay for that.


  1. That Liz Claiborne bag comes with 6% cashback through Ebates, and a great coupon that makes it $28! Free shipping!

  2. I own that Calvin Klein slip and it is an essential. No itchy lace and just the right length. I've worn it with tops and skirts, too.

  3. If you're up for a more fitted cardigan J Crew has a ton on sale right now.