Monday, June 5, 2017

Adrien: Totally The Worst.

I AM SO BAD AT THIS, YOU GUYS. Lately the idea of dressing up seems exhausting so instead I keep wearing the casual stuff I like over and over again. This isn't a problem until you take photos for your freaking style blog, all, "heeeeey." But, my lack of any kind of curated content is totally charming, right? Or something. ANYWAY. I wore this on a recent Saturday:

This top is something I picked up at TJ Maxx last year, I think the brand is Dalia? It's just one of those super easy throw-on tops that I really like. Nicer than a t-shirt, but not so nice that you have to worry about messing it up. This top at Old Navy would be a good substitute and I love this pretty embroidered option from TJ Maxx and this one too. Target has a really versatile version in a bunch of good colors but so does Vince Camuto (though it's more expensive.) I'd wait for a sale or check out 6pm which has a cute fan print on sale

It tucks pretty well, but I tend to wear it untucked like so. I'm wearing my top with last year's Old Navy cut-offs which are starting to look a little sad. I love this pair at Madewell but I really don't want to spend that much. Marianne pointed out that this Levi's pair I liked were on sale but I wavered and my size disappeared. FINE. So, I just ordered this Old Navy pair and I'm also hoping this pair comes back in stock in my size. (My most recent ON order was really disappointing but I've had good luck with cut-off shorts. We'll see.) On to details: 

I'm wearing my Giles & Brother fish hook pendant (long since sold out) which is still one of my favorite pieces of jewelry. I think Madewell is doing the best simple pendants right now  - I love this Morocco Pendant Necklace for it's crazy length and this Modernism Charm Necklace is just SO my speed. My bracelet is the Bijouone modern screw cuff and I'm also wearing my Apple Watch.

I apparently only carry my MBMJ Too Hot To Handle hobo these days. (There are several different colors at Nordstrom Rack!) Also, I've been wearing my new Birkenstock Arizonas in Hunter black leather constantly. I know, I'm the worst. What can I say? I like these things a lot.

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