Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Marianne: Stuff I Like (Part One!)

Hey guys, it's Marianne again with another round of STUFF I LIKE with a healthy dose of feminist ranting. Tally ho!

To say I had doubts is putting it mildly, but my friend Christina swore by this suit, and for $15 I was willing to try it. And guys, it's good! The fit is nice, pretty true to size though I almost always size up in swimsuits. The cups aren't really attached so you kind of have to squish them around, and I wouldn't swim a triathlon in it, but it's cute and fun and $15. Don't expect to get it quickly, I think it was walked to my house from some far off factory, but if you need a backup suit in your arsenal I recommend it. Also what is this "monokini" bullshit, it's a one piece swimsuit with one strap. 

HOLD UP COME BACK. I see you. I see the face you are making at my romper love. Here's the thing: rompers and jumpsuits seem advanced when in fact they instantly make people think you are stylish. People compliment me DAILY and then immediately follow it up with how they couldn't wear that. Here's the secret to wearing one pieces: put it on your body for crying out loud. This one in particular is so nice for the heat of summer. I wear a little lace bralette thingy from Target* that is meant to be seen and I feel like I'm dressed a little bit like an Adult Baby but this shit works! I wouldn't wear this one to work but I do wear this jumpsuit to work on the reg and it's so soft and comfy (and basically sold out sorry). 

*a note about these bralettes: you, like me, may initially consider yourself not the best candidate for such a lo-fi support garment, but let me tell you...these are great! The wider band makes them more supportive and they are really cute peeking out from strappy tops and dresses. If you head to Target they are on clearance for $6...so I bought three. 

FEMINIST RANT BREAK: This is the summer that I have decided I don't want to care about showing my arms any more. It's hot. I have arms. They could be skinnier and I have spent much of the past decade hating them. I would rarely expose them. And you know what? I am 40 now and I just don't CARE anymore. It is not my job to be palatable to other people. It's not your job either. So I'm wearing spaghetti straps for the first time since my twenties and it's all very freeing, even if I have to give myself pep talks. The end. 

Listen, I care about a lot. I try to eat organic, whole foods, I don't smoke, I recycle. But I really can't make myself care enough about makeup to replace all of my tried-and-true products with natural ones. I CAN'T. MAKEUP IS SO EXPENSIVE AND IT TAKES FOREVER TO FIND THE PERFECT PRODUCTS. That said, this blush came in my most recent Box of Style and I like it a lot! It has good staying power and it's very highly pigmented. You only need a tiny amount so I think one stick will literally last for months and months. I don't know what color I have, maybe hibiscus? What, do you think I'm some sort of beauty blogger? 

Stay tuned for Part Two on Thursday when Marianne talks about her favorite non-fashion stuff!


  1. AMEN to showing your arms. This is me in shorts. I don't have the prettiest legs but it's not my job to have legs that are pleasing to everyone else. It's hot, I want to wear shorts, and I'm working RULL HARD to just be comfortable out in the open like that.

    1. Wear those shorts, Megan! I bet you look great! I always tell myself, I'll probably look back at this time when I'm 60 and be like, you idiot.

  2. Yeah Marianne! "It is not my job to be palatable to other people. It's not your job either." Totally agree!

  3. Whoo hoo! love a feminist rant anytime! Also that Anthro jumpsuit is so amazing. It is totally sold out in anywhere near my size but I found ANOTHER amazing jumpsuit and its on its way to ME!! https://www.anthropologie.com/shop/willa-tie-waist-jumpsuit?color=001&quantity=1&size=XS%20Petite&type=PETITE

  4. Yay! Nice to hear Marianne's picks too! Onesies for the win!

  5. Bring on more feminist rants! I'm getting that romper in screw the arm concerns solidarity! I'm 47 and never show them. I'm over it , too. Thanks, sister!

  6. Thank you for the list. What size romper did you get? I'm 50 now and have to give myself similar pep talks a lot during the summer. It's cruel that I have the hot flashes now when I'd really like to cover up more.

  7. I totally bought the anthro jumpsuit after reading this. My second jumpsuit of the summer. I don't even know what is happening.


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