Thursday, July 27, 2017

Stuff I Like: Marianne's Pajamas + Reading, Watching and a Whole30 Update.

Marianne Wants To Tell You About These Pajamas
PAJAMAS. I am a Clothed Sleeper, y'all. More power to you nudie patooties, or even you undies and a t-shirt sleepers, but I sleepwalk and have small kids and I just like to be covered. However, I also like to sleep under a heavy down comforter and it's hot. Let's not think too hard about how it took me well into adulthood to figure this out, but: short pajamas! They are so cute, so comfortable, and have a way of making you feel like maybe you have your shit together. I have two pairs that I currently love.

First up, these Loft pajamas are my FAVE and 50% off! I bought another pair, because they are perfect. Crisp, cool percale and a cute cute pattern. Here's a super dorky picture of me in them:

Second, these Nordstrom pajamas that are completely sold out and you can't even see the pattern I bought because the anniversary sale is stupid. They are a super soft jersey rather than crisp percale and very comfy, though I find the percale a little cooler to sleep in.

I took a large in both of these because that's closer to my size on the bottom and I would rather have a looser top than tighter bottoms! Your mileage may vary! But get on the short pajama train this summer either way. Toot toot!

1Q84 Is Taking Some Time 
My friend Ann recommended that I read Haruki Murakami's 1Q84 and I'll admit that at first it was slow going. It took me a few chapters to really fall into it and the pacing is a bit slow and quite deliberate but now I'm super intrigued by the story and am committed to finishing it. I will say it's not an "easy" read but I'm really curious how the two stories (because it's really two stories, told in alternating chapters) about two characters experiencing a parallel existence, will come together.

I Don't Care About Pro Wrestling But Glow Is Amazing
After a third person asked me, "Have you watched Glow yet?" I finally gave in and binged it on my vacation last week. Initially I wasn't interested because pro wrestling was never something I was into but damn, this show is really good! It's fun and awkward and Alison Brie is a freaking cameleon. It will also suddenly make you care about women's pro wrestling and how badass and groundbreaking these ladies (the real ones) really were. Plus, the show's got some great 80s moments that fellow GenXers will appreciate.

Bonus - Whole30 Update In Which Nobody Has Died
A few people have asked me how my Whole30 has gone and I thought I'd give a quick update. I am officially on day 23 and for the most part it's gone really well! It's not nearly as hard as I thought it would be but I think it helps that I already eat in a fairly healthy manner. Plus, I like to cook, I don't drink soda and I rarely eat fast food. Still, it's been a huge adjustment to making sure that every single thing I eat is compliant. You have to read every label. EVERY LABEL. It gets real boring.  So, three weeks in and here are the physical benefits I've noticed:

  • I am sleeping like a baby without the aid of any kind of of drug. This is huge for me! I've been having trouble with sleep for the past 7-8 years and lately I've been falling asleep quickly and sleeping through the night.
  • My skin suddenly looks really nice. I haven't had any rosacea outbreaks for the past couple of weeks and very few breakouts. Overall my face looks better than it has in a while.
  • My GI issues are definitely much improved! I won't go into details but things are better.
  • I'm pretty sure I've lost a little weight. I'm not allowed to weigh myself until after it's over, but my pants are definitely looser.

I have more to stay about the mental benefits but I figured I'd do a wrap-up about it next week.


  1. Love it Marianne! Also, am loving the Cilantro Corn Salad! :D

  2. Those pajamas are so cute! I love shorts pajama sets with button down (short sleeved) shirts, too. Why are they so hard to find? Marianne, would you consider doing a post with some different outfits you've worn with your faux leather leggings?

  3. I'm loving GLOW too despite having zero interest in wrestling. Alison Brie is brilliant.


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