Monday, July 10, 2017


When I unpacked my summer clothes this year I was quietly appalled at how terrible everything looked. The beauty of summer clothes is that they're generally less expensive and don't last as long, so there's no way you'd still have some ratty Old Navy tees from four years ago, right? Um. You'd also not be pulling out sad old Target dresses that don't even fit anymore. Shut up. ANYWAY, I ended up getting rid of a LOT of old summer clothes and I've been trying to be a bit more careful about what I add in. Y'all know I talk about this Loft dress quite a bit: 

I'm so glad I bought it! This dress has quickly become a summer favorite because I love it's cheerful vintage print and it's just so easy to wear. Loft has become a go-to for me this summer (especially when the sales are good! Try code LUCKY50 for 50% off.) because even though there's some weird, def-not-for-me stuff I also find plenty of easy summer dresses. This floral lace yoke dress is simple enough to suit nearly everyone and this sweet swing dress is what you're going to wear to every cookout instead of shorts. This leafy tank dress is the adorable thing you'll forget you have and then every time you rediscover it the compliments will not stop. 

It's been hot as balls so most of my cardigans having been living in sad piles in my car or draped over my office chair. My cardigan game is weak right now, is what I'm saying. I'm really thinking this sheer cardigan might be something I need, especially in teal. It's on sale in shimmery gold color but I'm not sure I could pull that off. 

Now we should talk about the shoes. Like my summer clothes, my summer shoe wardrobe was looking pretty shoddy. I have basically just been wearing Birkenstocks every day which is great until you have to dress up for an event or nice dinner and then you're kind of like...huh. So, you panic and then remember those beautiful suede block heel sandals you saved on Spring a while back. (Just FYI, if you use my referral link you will get $20 off your first order of $75+ at Spring.) I'd originally meant to get the red pair and then at the last minute could not resist the blue. You guys, they have tassels on the back:

I KNOW I KNOW. I've worn them a few times and the heel is not too high which is so nice and they haven't caused me any pain or blisters, so I am alllll about these fancy sandals. Highly recommend. Nordstrom has the black leather version on sale which is a valid choice but I really think the red or blue is the way to go. I got my pair on Amazon but the pricing is all over the place. PS. My bag is this MBMJ hobo and it's basically perfect. I'm not going to continue to beat you over the head about all the MBMJ bags on Nordstrom Rack. You know they're there, waiting for their forever home. *sob* Details: 

I was so excited to tell you about my shoes that I skipped this part, but it's not terribly new or exciting. Just my House of Harlow mini sunburst necklace (mine is red, which isn't available anymore) and an encrusted version of the Giles and Brother skinny cortina bracelet.

That's it for today! Have a good Monday, y'all.


  1. When you originally posted this dress I ordered it immediately. I wear it at least four times a week, and I'm pretty sure people at all the places I frequent around my neighborhood think it's the only piece of clothing I own. But it's so cute! And comfy!

    1. It's ridiculously good, right? I'm so glad you love yours too!

    2. I'm wearing mine today with my light denim jacket. I feel sassy as hell when I wear it.

  2. Those shoes are pretty awesome; they remind me of a mullet - business in the front, party in the back!

  3. I actually already had the red dress when you posted about it, and I bought it at the same time as the leafy dress you linked! Clearly we are mind melding. And both are so good, I highly recommend.


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