Monday, July 31, 2017

Adrien: More SHORTS.

I know a lot of people are very anti-shorts and I'm going to assume those people do not live in the south. I love a breezy little dress, of course, but sometimes I just need a good pair of shorts and nothing else will do. These Loft shorts have been making me real happy:

Loft has been such a game-changer for me this summer! When they marked the shorts down to $12 last week I ordered another pair in the pomegranate color because yay for red shorts. The price is now arbitrarily $24.88 but give it a day and I'm sure they'll be half that again. (I don't understand their pricing AT ALL.) The shorts come in a bunch of solid colors as well as a zebra print which I think is absurdly cute, and this fun floral which is also really cute even though it's pink. 

I'm wearing the shorts with one of my favorite Old Navy tanks from last year. I have two of them and they're just super comfortable and floaty because of the split back. The only split-back tank they have this year is a yoga/workout tank but I found this sweet linen split-back tank from 7FAMK that's a really nice upgrade. Old Navy does have some other simple swing tanks and one cute striped tank.

It's breezy! So nice when you want to wear something floaty but still want to wear a regular bra. Here's a close-up of the Loft Riviera shorts in putty blue (they're not blue): 

They are super comfortable with a nice, wide waistband. I went with my usual size but they do run a bit big. I prefer a bit more room (and can throw them in the dryer without worrying about shrinkage) but if you're between sizes, definitely size down. On to details:

Both my necklaces are from Madewell from last year, but I'm currently in a long distance relationship with this Treasure Pendant Necklace which needs to go on sale so we can be together. The Curvelink Pendant Necklace is fairly similar as well. For my tiny star necklace (which I just realized has flipped up), you could definitely do worse than this little star at Express or this more delicate version from Gorjana.

Still loving the dark grey/gold hardware look of my new MBMJ hobo. Who says you can't have three of the same bag? I am absolutely not stuck in a rut. Nope. Nordstrom Rack still has this bag in several colors and they also have a Joie flash sale which has nothing to do with bags, I just thought you'd want to know. My sandals are, of course, my Birkenstock Gizehs in copper which is all I apparently wear anymore. It's a sickness, I'm sorry. Asos has the Gizeh in a dark silver metallic and you can still get the copper in the Arizona style, which is damn cute. OR, if you want a copper sandal but refuse to Birkenstock, go for this pair by Urge. I'm all about the options. 


  1. I am very pro-shorts and I think it's totally fine to have multiples of things you love! I do that with bras and shoes- why not bags?

  2. My anti-short thing is purely body-shape based. Given my thigh situation, skirts look a million times better (and are cooler). I never wear shorts, but I will defend to the death your right, as a person of excellent legs, to wear them!


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