Monday, July 24, 2017

Adrien: One Dress, Two Ways. Sort Of.

Not long ago I talked about a trip to Loft and a dress I bought while I was there. This dress:

This is the Crochet Yoke Dress which I am super happy with. I am a fan of wearing black in the summertime and I've decided it's unexpected and therefore chic. Plus, this is one of those great low maintenance dresses that can easily go casual or dressy, as I'm about to show you. Blog Science! 

If you missed this dress, there's always a similar option or ten. I am dying for this Embroidered Split Neck Dress. So great! And this Lace Yoke Swing Dress is similar and so is this pretty Floral Lace Yoke Dress. I should also mention that the Ruffle Back Dress is really flattering and is crazy cheap on clearance. (Regret!)

You might have noticed I kicked off my Birkenstocks and decided to wear this dress like a grown-ass lady in my fancy blue suede sandals. Blog Science: Wear fancy shoes with a casual dress. I'd definitely wear this to a party or dinner out. 

Haha, j/k the Birkenstocks are totally back on my feet as I'm just going to meet a friend for lunch. I am really, really tired of my sad-ass droopy cardigans so I threw on my Old Navy chambray shirt instead:

It's pretty flattering if you knot it up and will keep you from freezing to death when the a/c is too cold. You could also do this with with something a little nicer, like this linen oversize boyfriend shirt from Gap. Blog Science: Wear a shirt as a cardigan because nobody has ever thought of that before. Details: 

I'm wearing this fun little Luv AJ necklace that I got in a Box of Style last year. They have a few similar styles of lariat necklace but I really love this Rebecca Minkoff version and this delicate Gorjana version that's on sale!  My leather cuff is an old favorite - handmade by Fisticuffs Leather.

I just talked about my copper Birkenstock Gizehs last week but I'm still wearing them nearly every day. Money well-spent! I do highly recommend the Gizeh in leather with the soft footbed - they are way more comfortable than my Birko-flor pair (which are still pretty damn comfortable.)

My bag is, of course, my MBMJ Too Hot To Handle hobo in cement! Nordstrom Rack has a bunch of bags in this color still, including a couple of hobos. 

I also recently talked about my new Kenneth Cole Harriet sandals which are currently on sale on Zappos. They are a delight, plain and simple. Wear them with any old thing and you'll instantly look more fancy. I mean, blog science, right? 

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