Tuesday, July 18, 2017

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): TJ Maxx Says It's Fall Now.

Because I am the creeping creeper than I am I have been busy rooting through the new arrivals at TJ Maxx to make sure no good bargain goes undiscovered. Thank God I'm here or you might miss out on this Charging Pom with Eyes. (But seriously, can someone please buy that? It's giving me the sads.)

Things over at TJM are confusing right now because the fall stuff is starting to roll in and my body is recoiling from the very idea. IT IS JULY RIGHT NOW. IT IS VERY HOT. BUT! WHAT ABOUT THESE RAG AND BONE LEATHER LEGGINGS:

I actually would love to own a pair of leather leggings and, while they seem wildly expensive for TJM, check out the original price. I mean, right? You are saving a bundle and owning those leather leggings will basically mean you're a French fashion magazine editor now.

There are a couple of bags I want to talk about, both of which are non-leather options. This is a Foley + Corinna satchel that initially confused me because I didn't know they made non-leather bags:

It's a really nice looking satchel and under $40, so hard to beat that. There's also a nylon version of the MBMJ Natasha for $99.99:

This seems seems slightly overpriced to me (the leather version was $144) but it just got listed so I'll keep an eye on it for future markdowns.

The other items I saw that I thought worth some thought were two really damn nice looking leather jackets by BCBG. This blush suede jacket is very on-trend and could be worn any season:

...when it's not 100 degrees. So, like, not right now but later for sure. I am personally eyeing this burgundy moto jacket which is my heart's desire, or will be in October when it's completely sold out everywhere:

PS. In other shopping news, if you download Shop Spring's new app you get 20% off with code SPRINGAPP20.

Don't Forget me.

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