Thursday, July 13, 2017

Marianne: Stuff I Like (Part Two!)

This Music That Makes You Think You Live In a Movie
We all watched Big Little Lies, right? Do I need to boss you guys into watching this show?? Listen, it's so good though a little depressing. One of the best parts is the music, it's all so perfect and atmospheric and delicious, so go right ahead and fire up this soundtrack on Spotify or Amazon or Apple Music OR WHATEVER UGH THIS IS EXHAUSTING. I like to put this on when I'm working or cooking dinner and pretend I'm a Rich Housewife With Secrets. I credit this soundtrack with introducing me to Leon Bridges, who I now have a meaningful relationship with.

This Salad That is All I Want To Eat
So here's the thing: there is not much that is better in the world than sweet corn in the summertime, especially here in the southern US. I have tried many, many corn salads and I think this Cilantro Corn Salad is my fave. It's bright and fresh and has a great combo of flavors and textures. Do not under any circumstances skip the avocado but add it right before you eat it. I like this with some grilled salmon. If you're calorie counting or weight watching it's a really healthy, filling meal that makes great leftovers (but again, add avocado to your serving right before).

This Book That is Sad But Important
This book, y'all. I'm only halfway through Hunger by Roxane Gay and I both can't stop reading it and also need breaks from it. As much as I love a fluffy book I think it's important to sometimes read things that are hard and that give people a voice. This is one of the latter books. Even if you've never struggled with your weight, actually maybe especially if you've never struggled with your weight, you should read this.

This Murder Podcast
I can't BELIEVE I didn't talk about this last time, and I know most of you guys probably already know and love this podcast, but I do what I want so listen up. My Favorite Murder podcast is a damned delight, which is a weird thing to say about a podcast with so much, you know, murder. The only drawback is it makes you think about murder a lot and maybe get a little paranoid. And maybe say awkward things about murder to strangers on elevators. It may not make you many friends but whatever.

This Show About Privileged White Dudes That I Like Anyway
Since I wrote you last, I finished Girls, and was okay with the ending. I was ready for it to end but didn't love the endings for anyone except Ray. Anyway! I still have my HBO trial so I jumped right into Silicon Valley, which is possibly the polar opposite of Girls. And I like it even though I hate almost all of the characters. It has really helped my foster my Kumail Nanjiani crush however, which I very much appreciate. Anyway I think a lot of my hatred stems from the fact that I can't go back in time, learn how to code, and be a billionaire? I think that's how this works?

Yay stuff!

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  1. MFM is the best. I wear my Toxic Masculinity Ruins the Party Again tee quite often.