Friday, July 14, 2017

Weekend Window Shopping: That Nordstrom Sale.

Look, I know. The Nordstrom Anniversary sale hasn't even technically started (unless you have a card, though please see my pro tip* at the bottom) and you're already tired of it. I KNOW. But, if I don't talk about it then I'm not doing my job, so I'll just talk about the stuff on sale that I have bought myself or at least have have tried out. Solid recs, I promise!

First, the main thing I buy at this sale is underwear because that shit is expensive and doesn't always go on sale except in weird colors. Everyone except me loves this Natori bra but this one is more my speed:

Also, if you want a pair of pretty underwear that is just nice underwear, the Natori Bliss Perfection are nice and quite comfortable. I also stock up on my favorite Hanky Panky thongs because they are NOT CHEAP BUT I LOVE THEM:

I know, I know. But I love them. There is no substitute. There are also many fine Spanx products included in this sale, including these faux leather leggings that Marianne loves to death:

I bought a pair at the end of last winter and found them a bit challenging. Maybe you should buy a pair while they're on sale and we can figure them out together? I also have these Spanx denim leggings which work great with tall boots and y'all know that Spanx tights are the absolute best. I have four pairs.

Speaking of Marianne, she bought this amazing Rebecca Minkoff Julian backpack last year in a really nice tan with fringe and now it's back in a crazy metallic, an unspeakable velvet, a really gorgeous olive nubuck and this dreamy, dreamy grey color:

It made me gasp, I won't lie. I just freaking LOVE IT. WHY. YOU GUYS. UGH. I will move on. 

There is a bunch of Madewell stuff available including jewelry! I don't have this particular pair of earrings but I love all the Madewell jewelry I own and I would very much like these hoops in my life:

Now, let's talk about these Zella high waisted leggings. They are black leggings. They do not have mesh, they are not fancy. They are, however, very good quality and very comfortable and I wear my pair to the gym but also in life because that high waist just holds alllll my winter fluff in and I appreciate that:

There are some fancy Zella leggings and crops included in the sale if you need more excitement in your legging wardrobe but my eye was caught by these Zella Soul 3 pants because they look so comfortable! Not everything has to cling, you know? 

In the beauty section I got really excited about the Jo Malone mini sets though this one is by far the best one:

You get Wood Sage & Sea Salt and it's my absolute favorite! The other set is all about florals which are lovely, but not for me. 

Finally, if I got you all curious about Diptique candles, this little set is a really great way to try some out some of the most popular scents: 

(Or, you could gift them out at the holidays but what fun is that? Dammit, it's July. Treat yo self.)

*PRO TIP: I saw this posted on a couple of blogs last year and it worked to get me access to the sale early: A generic code you can use: 3012, last name as NORDPRD and billing zip code of 80111 and then you can use another method of payment.

Hopefully it still works! I was able to put things in my basket and I don’t have a Nordstrom card so give it a try if you don't want to wait for July 20th Good luck!


  1. I just bought myself that Rebecca Minkoff backpack (not from the Nordstrom sale, I found a good deal on poshmark) and it's divine. I love it. The clip can be attached to the bottom or the top (to make belongings a bit more secure). There's also a large pocket on the back that's perfect for a cell phone (the side pockets are too small to fit an iPhone, better for chapsticks or other small sundries).

  2. I have the Nordstrom debit card that just links to my usual routing/account number, and I was able to place an order this morning. If you don't want another store card, or something that you need to pay off, it's a great option! I only have it for the sale/rewards points!

  3. I second the backpack purchase, I have about 4 of those damn things. Love them and their price point, especially on sale.

  4. I finally got a blouse w tassels. Thank u for being my tassel enabler. ��

  5. Soooo...I may or may not have bought 2 pairs of shoes, some Hanky Panky underwear, and 3 pairs of Zella leggings...

  6. Thank you for the sneaky Nordstrom sale info for non-cardholders. I wasn't going to place an order but in a moment of weakness last night I caved!