Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Review: AGolde Parker Long Short.

Hi! So, here's the thing. Y'all know I love a bargain but sometimes you just have to throw money at a problem to find a really good solution. I posted recently about trying on fancy denim cut-offs at EVEREVE and really liked the AGolde Parker Long Short (more sizes here) but they didn't have my size. I went ahead and ordered a pair because they seemed like they might be perfect. Well, guess what? They are freaking PERFECT:

This is my super-casual look. I'm wearing the AGolde Long Parker with my favorite Vuori pullover (seriously the best lightweight layer) and my checkerboard Vans. These shorts are a perfect length: long without being too long so they make your legs look longer! And they have a higher waist with a button fly which I find surprisingly flattering. They're made of non-stretch, medium weight denim so they seem like they'll hold up well and will eventually stretch just the right amount without bagging out. For size reference: these AGolde shorts run true-to-size and I'm wearing them in a 29, which is my usual size for jeans.

Here's how I dress up cut-offs! Just a pretty top and a fun sandal with a bit of heel and you're suddenly dressy-casual, right? Totally. My top is by Apiece Apart and I'd rented it last summer and loved it but couldn't find it anywhere online to buy. Marianne magically found it for me and I bought the last one in existence, it seems. I love this brand, though and I'm always keeping an eye out for good sales. Like, how pretty is this topMy sandals are Lotta from Stockholm and they're a great and not-too-expensive clog sandal. 

My top also looks cute with a lil tuck-in and now you can actually see the dang shorts. I didn't take a pic of the back but I promise they don't do terrible things to your rear view, which I know can be An Issue with cut-offs. 

Now, I know theAGolde shorts aren't in everyone's budget (I had a birthday* discount which helped off-set some of the cost) but sometimes a wardrobe staple is worth spending more if you know you'll get a ton of use out of it. AND YES, cut-offs are a summer staple for me! I still love and wear my Joe's shorts (review here) but they're made of thin, soft denim, which makes them feel a mite fragile two years later. 

ALSO, Just because I like to give options, Marianne has and loves these cut-offs from H&M and I've had good luck in the past with Old Navy cut-offs

*My birthday is in January but I'm afraid to tell EVEREVE.


  1. omg they are stunning and you look stunning. why are perfect things so expensive. -SJ

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