Thursday, June 30, 2022

Outfit of the Day: East Coast Represent.

That feeling when you post about something you loved (and didn't purchase) and then stumble across it at the thrift store in your size three years later (and purchase!) I have worn the obnoxious shit out of this J.Crew sweatshirt and wasn't intending this to be a blog outfit but then I decided it should be:

Don't you love how you can't actually see the sweatshirt I'm talking about? Maybe I'll talk about my shorts first? They're my new AGolde Parker Long and they're breaking in nicely! They're vaguely on sale right now too. Also, Marianne just bought this pair from A&F and they're real cute and cost less money. (Be like Marianne.) Okay, fine. Here you go: 

Yesssss. I actually remember seeing this sweatshirt in the store and loving it but ultimately decided it was too much money for a sweatshirt. Well, now it's all mine! It's easily findable secondhand, but J.Crew also has this cute version and this one if you're more about the boroughs. And here's one for the West Coast. 

With my "this is literally just what I'm wearing" non-outfit I have on my old silver Birkenstock Arizonas (still love them!) and my Clare V Midi Sac bag. There are a couple on NR that I love - this leopard version that I'm trying not to buy and this snakeprint that's a more subtle version of mine. Love. Such a good little bag. Details: 

I'm wearing my little beaded lapis Gorjana necklace and my favorite little bird skull pendant from Paxton Gate. Nothing too exciting, but I do love to layer up and the little beaded necklaces don't tend to tangle. That's it! Just over here being underwhelming. 


  1. I'm sufficiently whelmed. You look cute and stylish as always. The accessories make it fashion.

  2. Looking great and I’m loving the bob!