Wednesday, June 29, 2022

My Advice: Just Ask Next Time.

So, you know that thing when you're out somewhere and you see someone wearing THE BEST DRESS (an emerald green, midi length, tiered sundress) and they just look so perfect and breezy in this very good, but not super unusual, dress and you think to yourself, I shall find this dress online when I get home and buy it.

Ha. OR.

You will spiral into a Google void of green dresses and onboard your blog partner to also look and what happens is, you never find that dress but the most similar version is $265 because of course it is. (Marianne says that when this happens to her the item is either really cheap or really expensive.) Anyway, in all our searching we did not find THE dress but we did find a lot of other cute dresses that almost fit the criteria. Wanna see?

I'm starting with the best one which is also the worst one because it's more than I want to spend.

Marianne found this one on ASOS for the tall ladies! Super pretty,  yes? 

This one at EVEREVE is not quite the bright green I was looking for, but it still looks promising.

This Gap dress is exactly the color I was looking for but I worry it's a bit too sheer for everyday wear.

I wasn't looking for a print but this one at Anthro is too gorgeous to not include. I'd probably trip on it.

I gave up on green at this point and decided this blue dress at J.Crew Factory is also really pretty. 

This Max Studio dress is a exactly the style i want (bra-friendly!) but the color is less exciting.

Finally, this one at Pact looks so breezy and how pretty is this coral color which is not green? I give up.


  1. I have that Evereve/Z Supply dress and it is so comfortable. It runs big. The color is indeed a more faded/washed emerald but quite flattering!

  2. Could it have been from COS? Just saw a midi/maxi pleated dress there in emerald green…

    1. I don't think it's that one, but so many good options, thanks!



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