Thursday, June 9, 2022

Outfit of the Day: New Birks Day!

 Hello! So, when I bought those big buckle Birkenstocks last month, I kept taking them out the box, trying them on and putting them back in the box. This is not a good sign. I returned them an ordered a pair I'd considered last year but didn't buy. Well, they arrived and I put them on immediately and haven't stopped wearing them:

More about the Birks in a minute. First, the dress I'm wearing is a favorite from last summer. It's this one from Sanctuary and it's just a fun, easy dress that always makes me feel cute. I also love that there's a shirtdress version now! I kinda want that? And if you are just done with the tiered dresses, this Boden dress is a perfect simple summer option with nary a tier or ruffle in sight. 

Okay, back to these beauties. These are the Birkenstock Arizona split in the black/white colorway and I love them so much. I've owned several varieties of Arizona and I honestly think I prefer the regular footbed/Birko-Flor material to soft footbed/leather. They're lighter, easier to clean and also less expensive. These are Birko-Flor (vegan leather) and basically have no break-in period. If you know your Birk size you're good to go right out of the box. That said, the "split" style comes in tons of colors and leather varieties all of which are tempting as hell. 

Now I'm being a jerk and adding a bag that I thrifted and can't find online anywhere (I think it's a really old style.) It's a Kate Spade bag and I saw it across the store and flew over to grab it like someone was going to fight me for it. Oh, it's so good, y'all. I can't find anything super similar but this cute red Kate Spade bag is on sale, this Botkier bag has a nice color block thing going on and this crossbody from & Other Stories is also cute as hell. 

I added my Level 99 denim jacket from last year though I think this one from Kut is quite similar. And don't forget that Target has a very good denim jacket for $30. Just saying. On to details: 

I'm wearing my very old Giles & Brother fish hook necklace that's long sold out, though they still have the tiny version available. I'm also wearing my Gorjana Venice chain, which I can't recommend enough.

Um, it's not lost on me that my bag matches my phone case/strap perfectly. I clearly have an aesthetic. I mean, back in the 80s, this was my Swatch. I wish I still had it because I'd totally wear it. 


  1. Love your new birks!

    I am definitely done with tiers (and ruffles) but for some reason I'm not getting a hyper link at the Boden option. Do you happen to remember the name of the one you were looking at? Thanks.

    1. Sorry! I totally forgot to add links to that section. It's fixed now. :)