Friday, June 3, 2022

Weekend Window Shopping: Target Time.

I feel like Target clothes are a real option for summer. In the warmer months clothes tend to get wrecked anyway, so why not go cheap-n-cheerful? I especially love their swimwear, as they tend to have wearable and cute options that are surprisingly well-made. 

ALSO, if you follow Carla Rockmore on IG you might have seen her post on how to style a particularly good Target dress. Y'all, she makes this dress look AMAZING. Dang. Anyway, here are some of my Target picks for summer:


  1. Those clog sandals are so cute! And that black dress is really good. It's feminine and floaty without evoking the prairie.

  2. Those clogs ARE cute!! The knit sleeveless ballet dress in black is soooooo good if you can find it. Not frumpy, fits so nice and a nice weight to the material.

  3. First off, I want every one of these things. Secondly? How have I never known of Carla Rockmore? Thank you for introducing her feed. She's divine!!


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