Thursday, June 2, 2022

Outfit of the Day: Kinda Trying.

When my boyfriend came home from work and saw what I was wearing he asked if I had a lot of Zoom meetings that day. I did not, I'd just made the vaguest effort to not wear sweatpants. Cool cool cool. Anyway, this wasn't an outfit planned for the blog, just my effort to not be a garbage person now that I'm feeling better:

This Treasure & Bond blouse is something I picked up last month at Nordstrom when I was looking for an interview outfit. It's too casual for in-person but looks great on Zoom! (I went with this one for the in-person interview I didn't actually end up getting. Hmph.) It's just one of those easy, drape-y tops that looks like you made an effort when all you did was put on a soft blouse instead of an old tee. It comes in a bunch of prints but I still like the green print best. It also comes in plus sizes! And of course, I'm like, do I need this one too? And this one? Maybe. 

I'm wearing my non-garbage person blouse with my favorite old Madewell jeans - the Cali Demi-Boot. This style looks so cute with sandals and is one of those cuts that will surprise you in a good way. I tried this pair on not long ago and they were great - and now they're on sale! I'm obviously also wearing my white Birkenstock Arizona sandals because tis the season.

My necklaces are my usual Gorjana stack - the Coin Compass necklace and my Venice chain, which has been so nice to have - just the thing when you want a subtle gleam but not too-too much. 

That's it! I didn't even bother to grab a bag and pretend I was leaving the house. So it goes. 


  1. I love that print but I always do love a large floral print. My mother calls it my Victorian wallpaper fetish. I'm glad you're feeling better!

    1. I love a crazy floral! And thanks! Definitely happy to be back in the world.


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