Thursday, June 16, 2022

BUY THIS (Because We Already Did): Warm Weather Favorites.

Summer seems like it might actually start any day now here in the PNW (LET'S GOOOOO) so I thought I'd talk about a few of my favorite warm weather favorites:

Okay, first of all I want to thank all of you who enabled (some might say bullied) me into keeping my red EVA Birkenstocks. You were right, okay? They're pretty great. I wear them before and after bike rides and will be taking them to the beach next week where they'll come in very handy if the temperature gets above 60. (HEAVY DRAMATIC SIGH.) Anyway, they come in a bunch of colors and the red ones are on sale at Dick's right now which I'm telling you even though I've never had a good experience at Dick's Sporting Goods but a sale is a sale.

I also want to remind  you that this packable hat from Madewell is a really good thing for summer and it's 30% off right now! You can crush the hell out of it and shove it in your carry-on and it'll be fine, I promise.  

Also, I finally got to wear my cute tie neck top from Madewell and it's so good! It looks especially cute with my black and white Birks, just saying. It's sold out in a lot of sizes but this one is pretty similar and is also dang cute. Did I mention the 30% off sale?

If you want a reasonable, inexpensive swimsuit cut for an adult body, this one from Target is quite good. It's not too mumsy but it keeps everything where you want it and it's under $50. It also comes in a fun print, but I'm boring and got the black one. 

I'm not normally one to push an expensive t-shirt, but this one from Wilt is really freaking good. The high-low cut is super flattering and it hangs beautifully. I've been wearing mine for several years (here it is last year) and still love it. 

One from Marianne! She told me about this cute little summer tunic dress from H&M that they make every year in a variety of colors and patterns. It's inexpensive, loose n' breezy and hangs just right. It's short, but is longer in the back so don't worry about it. Perfect with flat sandals! 

Are you wearing your sunscreen? Every single day? Please wear your sunscreen. This is my favorite one for my face (a combo of mineral and chemical). It has no cast and no smell. I'm on my fifth bottle of so you know it's a good one. 

Listen, I know I've talked about this little belt bag already (outfit here) but it's JUST SO GOOD. I use it all the time and I am really, really trying not to buy it in another color. They keep coming out with new colors! It's quite rude. Anyway, it's under $40 and is the cutest, most convenient thing ever. Just get one and thank me later. 

You know how body lotion is the worst chore ever? Like one more stupid thing you have to do everyday to keep from drying up like a husk? Well, listen. If you feel like skipping it occasionally, this is the way to do it. Get this amazing Almond Shower Oil and you will be clean AND soft after your shower. And! It won't make your shower a slip-and-fall hazard. I'm not sure why it doesn't, but it doesn't. Also, it smells nice (but not as nice as the Kiehl's Coriander body wash that I can't find anywhere. I will burn the store down to the ground if they've discontinued it, I swear to GOD. Okay, not really. I will send a mean email, though.) 

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  1. Um, I'm afraid the coriander goodness is history. The Rack had the hand cream last year (two years ago?) and I bought enough to last a few years. I never saw the body wash, though. Ebay?