Friday, October 11, 2019

Weekend Window Shopping: J.Crew Sale Craziness.

Woot, J.Crew is having a really good sale, y'all. They're offering 40% off full-price and 50% off sale with code GOBIG. There are a ton of exclusions b/c J.Crew is a bad boyfriend, but still! My favorite Going Out Blazer is included in the sale, as is the very popular Sadie Sweater-Blazer. Here are some other things I would very much like in my closet:

Oooh, y'all. It is DEFINITELY gin cardigan season. I love this chunky monkey. 

This herringbone car coat is just quite the perfect thing and feels very London to me. 

OH YEAH. Things were feeling a little sedate there for a sec. Fixed it. 

So simple, but so iconic. I unapologetically love this. 

Whee! I can't wear this amazing color, but I hope you can. (It comes in red too!)

Listen, you definitely need one really crazy statement necklace in your wardrobe. Because:

This is a very basic black dress. Add that necklace or those leopard boots? You are FASHION.

Oh jeez. Why you gotta be like that, J.Crew? I HAVE BAGS I AM GOOD. 


  1. with extra 15% off on top of that with jcrew card as payment... until oct. 14.

    i literally just bought a bunch of stuff for really cheap.