Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Outfit of the Day: Does This Go?

Hey, it's an outfit! Not a very interesting outfit, but this is what I wore on a fairly standard Monday:

I'm wearing my comfy Athleta Chelsea Cargo pants, which also happen to be my favorite travel pants. I swear by Athleta for pants that look cute and work-appropriate but are actually sweatpants-level comfortable. (The Brooklyn Ankle Pant is another good one.)  Plus, they work okay with my ankle boots too, so yay for that. This is boring. let's make it less boring: 

There we go! I will talk about this bag in a minute but before I forget, my top is from Ann Taylor and it's approximately 100 years old in Fashion Years. It's ponte so it'll live forever and I keep wearing it because it's got cute zippers on the side so it always fits! They actually have a VERY similar top in stock which looks pretty nice and I also found this one by All Fenix that has side zippers! 

Because I thought I was being cool or wanted to be warm or whatever, I threw on my denim jacket:

Yeah, that doesn't really work, does it. Maybe if it was a darker wash denim jacket? Let's move on to details: 

I bought this necklace (also in gold) from a Madewell sale this summer because I don't have much in the way of silver tone jewelry. I love the way it looks but it tend to get twisty, which is annoying. I still keep wearing it though. Now, this bag: 

It the Longchamp le Pliage Cuir. I basically reviewed it here but since I wrote that I've carried it a lot more. It's a great bag, y'all! I have the medium size which, as you can see, is plenty big. It holds a ton but is lightweight and folds up, so it's a good travel bag as well. And the leather is so nice - light but buttery and squishy. 

Nordstrom Rack has the large size in red and the medium in pink and blue. There's also an all-red nylon version at Last Call and a small red nylon shoulder tote here. Oh, and my boots! I've had them for a few years - the Madewell Lucien boot. You can still find them on Poshmark and the like but the Bea Boot is quite similar with the low wooden heel.

That's it for today! My next outfit will feature my other new bag because I'm that asshole. Heh.


  1. Look, I'm just back from a grueling business trip and have had some wine but I gotta say: you're the best.
    You look terrific too.

  2. I actually love the jean jacket with this. And the neckline on that top is perfect on you!

    1. I was just trying to build a need for another jacket. (Heh.)

  3. Great outfit - the side zippers make it. And I am LOVING your new hairz

  4. I really want those Athleta cargo pants - are they true to size? I am 5'7"/150 but not sure which size to get...

    1. I’m usually a 6 or 8 in pants and went with the 8 for these. So, go with your usual pants size, or if you’re between sizes, I’d size up.