Wednesday, October 2, 2019

We Discuss: My AllSaints Obsession.

My friend Kate is traveling this week and wandered into an AllSaints, which is my retail kryptonite. Luckily my nearest store is 100 miles away but that doesn't stop me from WANTING IT ALL. If ever there was a store that embraced my love of edgy black and grey things, it's AllSaints. Here's what started it:

K: FYI all the AllSaints perfumes smell good when you are tipsy

K: Also:

A: Fuuuuck

K: I might have just tried it on. It’s pretty gorgeous.

A: They make the best

K: It’s also $450

A: Well, yeah

K: And they have bags with gold studs and stars:

A: Dammit

K: I need to walk away before the cool goth lady gets mad at me

A: You should’ve taken a pic in that jacket

K: Maybe later

K: I think it might be best that we don’t live in a big city


A: But I’m definitely going to the AllSaints when when I'm in Dublin

A: Proximity from our hotel:

K: Lol

Anyway, that whole convo got me checking out the AllSaints website and now I want all these things:

It's black, it's chunky, it's cashmere. It me. 

This is a drapey sweatshirt of the best kind. Love. 

This weird navy dress has interesting pleat details that makes it awesome. 

Ooh, pretty, witchy dark floral is very much on-trend. 

Come on, this is just the best, right? Snake and black suede! 

These are the kind of work trousers I could edge up just right. 

Okay, this slouchy funnel neck sweater is literal perfection (even though I don't do wool like that.) 

Let's talk about what AllSaints does best: 

Oh my God, right? This is the Dalby (which I own in black) in the most excellent raspberry brown color (as seen in Kate's photo above.) They also have it in a gorgeous olive suede: 

The Balfern style is also popular but I prefer the Bales style which has the most excellent collar buckle detail: 

They are not inexpensive but I think AllSaints makes some of the best leather jackets available and they're worth every penny. They also go on sale from time to time, so keep your eyes peeled! 

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  1. I live near an AllSaints OUTLET. I might have to stalk that snake bag. Even on sale it is pricey.