Wednesday, October 23, 2019

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): GapFit.

I'm such a jerk. I really love Athleta, despite the prices and lack of sales, and somehow forgot all about GAP's fitness line, which I've loved equally hard in the past. Now, I know I included GAP in with my fast fashion ban back in January but Gleemonex made a good case for it in the comments of that post and I'm prone to agree with her.

Anyway, yesterday I checked out the website in search of denim jacket options and instead was like, OH MY GOD. GAPFIT IS STILL SO GOOD. It's fashion-forward and reasonably priced! And most of it is on sale! I still have a few pieces I bought several years ago that I wear and use all the time. I in NO WAY need more athletic gear but y'all this stuff is tempting:

Check out this cute-ass cross back yoga layer! I love stuff like this. 

I have an older version of these that are my favorite lounging-at-home pants. 

I just love this so much! It also comes in a navy/red colorway but the lavender is so good. 

This is basically my perfect workout tank - loose with a high neck. 

This looks ideal - a high neck and nothing moving. It also has hooks, so less struggling in and out.

And this looks like an ideal around-the-house-only bra. (Just me?) 

Ugh, this looks so high end and weird and I love it. I'm not surprised it's nearly sold out.

This gin tunic sweatshirt comes in a bunch of good colors but the creamy white is so serene. 

Ooh, fleece-lined winter tights! I had a pair of these a few years ago that I literally wore out. 

Okay, this is just regular Gap but OMG. This is the parka of dreams, y'all. 

Current Gap sale deals: Up to 50% off everything, plus 10% off sitewide with code TREAT

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  1. I also have the earlier version of the joggers and they are fantastic! Love that "brushed tech jersey"