Thursday, October 31, 2019

Outfit of the Day: This Is A Lot.

Happy Halloween! This is not a costume, just my usual thing in which I wear stuff I like and then wonder if it's too much: 

Man, I really do love some leopard print and my J.Crew Tippi sweater is BRINGING THE LEOPARD. MAYBE A LOT. But, it's fun and I approve this sweater. J.Crew currently has plenty of leopard on offer and I think this one is my current favorite though the leopard Sophie also appeals. For a version more similar to mine, J.Crew Factory has you covered. Cute! Also, can I pull off high rise leopard jeans

There it is! This is my new-to-me LV Alma which I'll talk about in a minute. My jeans are new-via-Poshmark and are the older version of this Madewell style. Honestly, I wish I'd just bought the new ones because these do not have magic pockets and they definitely stretch out. Boo. They're comfortable but I will probably upgrade during the next sale. 

I threw on one of my favorites - my Madewell et Sézane Beckett jacket. It's long sold out but every now and then one pops up on Poshmark. For something similar, I'd recommend the Passage Jacket or the Surplus Jacket

Now! Shoes and bag. My shoes are the Everlane Day Glove flats that I talked about finding earlier in the week. They are kind of weird and I wasn't really sure about them at first but then I wore them three days in a row and I guess they're my best flats now? They are so weird with a high cut vamp, but with each wear they get more comfortable. I generally wear a size 8 and these are an 8.5 and fit me fine. (I think the idea is to buy your normal size so they stretch and mold to your feet but I don't know that my square-ass toes would love that.) Anyway, they're great. Weird, but great. 

Now, I talked about my Alma bag here but now that I've carried it for a while I have more information. The Alma is just an inconvenient little joy. I do need to get a strap for it eventually, but for now it's a hand-held nugget. I really love it's polish and structure and it's just the right size for my day-to-day crap. Yay. More details because why not:

Hey, here's my favorite necklace that you can't actually buy because it's sold out. I'm a jerk. It's a Dean Davidson labradorite tassel and this one is pretty similar (also Dean Davidson!) 

Here's a closer look because I took the photo, might as well use it. Ain't that bag pretty? So pretty.


  1. This entire look is GOALS. The sweater is PERFECT, and the flats (in RED! LOVE a red shoe!) are delightful.

  2. Not too much AT ALL. Bright red and leopard in just the right amount. I looked at those J Crew leopard jeans in the store because I bought three pairs of snake pants this year and why not, but the waist is reaaallly high and not for me. Todd DiLaMuca high.

  3. Check out @lovelivesarablog on IG. She has the same flats with lots of good outfits. Makes me want a pair now