Monday, October 28, 2019

Weekend Shopping Report: Some Things Were Purchased.

Last week was A WEEK. By the time Saturday hit (in which I got a flat halfway through the race I'd been training for) I was really, really, really over it. Luckily, Kate was like, "what you need is lunch at the nice French place. Let's go get moules frites and wine." Hooray! We did that and then stumbled down the street to Need Supply Co.

Just some history - Need Supply started in my town as a store selling vintage Levi's (before anyone else had realized it was a market.) They've rebranded several times over the years and now they are a high-end, slightly terrifying but beautiful gallery-like store, which is super fun when you're tipsy and give no fucks. In we go.

Kate has been on a journey lately to find a new fragrance and Need Supply carries several lines we were curious about. D.S. & Durga was one of the brands we were intrigued by, though their website is infuriating hipster nonsense. I will say, the few scents we smelled in-store were pretty interesting.

Then we found Maison Louis Marie and y'all, this is an amazing brand. They only had one fragrance in stock (which Kate bought) and maybe 4-5 candles but all of them were lovely. I bought this candle because I kept sniffing it until my nose broke. So, a bougie candle purchase for me! Then we touched everything else in the store, I mooned over these ridiculously adorable sneakers, and we left. Heh.

Now! I should back up, because the next thing I'm going to tell you happened the day before this. If you're a regular reader you know I've been contemplating the Everlane Day Glove flats for some time. I just wasn't sure I wanted to spend that much money on squishy leather slipper-flats, you know? But something about them intrigues me.

Anyway, on my lunch break Friday I dropped off two pairs of boots to be reheeled and then decided to check out the Buffalo Exchange across the street because I'd never been. I looked at all the shoes first (honestly, hoping for some Tieks or Rothys to resell) and there they were, waiting for me:

This never happens! I never go to a thrift or consignment store and find EXACTLY the thing that's been on my wishlist. They were $35 and I bought them immediately. I will review them properly later this week but y'all, it made me so happy! It doesn't happen often but sometimes you find exactly what you want exactly when you need it.

PS. I mentioned last week that I bought a set of flannel sheets from LL Bean. YOU GUYS THEY ARE AMAZING. Thick and good quality and soft like a bunny. Highly, highly recommend.


  1. "infuriating hipster nonsense" is the perfect descriptor of so many things - i love it!

  2. I have Debaser and Coriander from D.S. & Durga and I love them both!


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