Wednesday, October 9, 2019

We Discuss: Want vs Need

M: I just got a $100 Zappos gift card. This is the universe telling me to buy the furry Arizonas, yes?

A: Yessssss

M: I ordered them immediately

A: Excellent. There’s nothing like a free money purchase

M: I mean I still had to pay $50

A: Shhh

A: I’m getting a state tax rebate check in the mail today so I ordered another Helly Hansen to try

M: Ha! You are hilarious with this raincoat journey

A: I must know all. For blog science.

M: Ordered at 5pm and they will be here tomorrow. Damn



A: Love! Did Zappos walk in and put them on your feet for you?

M: Basically

M: I am Team Birkenstock obvi but can’t decide if these are for outside of the house

A: Oh, I would

M: I will

M: Chris made a face

A: Haaaa

A: Boys don’t know

M: So true

A: I still want shearling clogs

M: They are so good

A: I also want Everlane The Day Glove flats

A: I also want burgundy Madewell boots

M: Heh

M: I have bought the two pairs of shoes I wanted for fall and feel pretty good

A: Please note: I don’t NEED ANYTHING.

M: I still want my perfect turtleneck and a solid black pair of skinny jeans with no holes. Maybe coated

A: Madewell has the coated jeans again! Also, these:

M: Cute!

A: Love. Do not need.

M: You don’t but they are cute

M: I mean I don’t need jeans except I truly have like one pair of non distressed denim

 A: Black jeans are my work trousers these days.


M: I definitely painted my toenails in the Target parking lot this morning so I could wear my new shoes

A: That seems risky

M: Quick dry polish

A: I would have gotten polish all up in that shearling and there would be crying and scissors involved

M: Oh I took them off to paint!

A: I meant when I put them back on

M: Yeah I drove with the air blasting on my bare feet and they were dry when I got to work 😂

A: Living dangerously! But your feet look real cute.

A: I love that you were like, “I don’t know if I’m wearing them out.”

A: *immediately wears them out*

M: Heh

A: Birkenstocks have completely ruined me

M: Same honestly

A: I’m okay with it, I just wish their boots were cuter

M: Me toooo

A: They sorta look cute but when you see the overhead shot, it's a hard no:

M: Yeaaaah no

A: A line has to be drawn somewhere!


  1. Not to be an enabler but I like the Day Glove flats and wear them all the time...

    1. Oooh. Are they true to size?

    2. I got my regular size and they are comfortable. I've been wearing them for over a year and they did stretch somewhat. I think they are decent quality for the price, truly, which is not the case with everything Everlane.