Monday, October 21, 2019

Weekend Shopping Report: I'm Cold, Y'all.

A: I badly want those shearling Birkenstocks but I really should save for my trip

 *a few hours later*

A: Oops

M: Hahahaha

A: I made it less than three hours

A: Zappos sent me a 10% off code to apologize for breaching my data

M: Me too

A: I mean, what else could I do?

M: You were powerless

A: My toes are so cold, Marianne

M: Winter is coming

A: I am wearing a SWEATER today

M: same

So, yeah. I ordered the shearling Boston clogs and they should be delivered tonight! We shall see. The only other thing I bought over the weekend was a set of flannel sheets from LL Bean, which doesn't count as fashion, but I am COLD. Did I mention that? 

Wait! There's one other thing. I ordered a few pairs of the lightweight ankle socks from Bombas (my favorite) to see if they'll be the perfect no-show option for ankle boots. I will review them later this week after I've had a chance to try them out. If you've never tried Bombas, you can go through my link for 25% off your first order. (Full disclosure, I also get a shopping credit.) 

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