Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Outfit of the Day: Still With The Shorts.

Hello! Here's an actual outfit that I photographed despite the disgusting endless rain. Why you gotta be like that, June? Anyway, this is very much a Zoom outfit:

I mean, hahaha, look how cute I am from the waist up. I guess I'll start from with the top which is a thrifted Dolan blouse I originally wore here. (Wow wow wow. Who is that lady?) Dolan makes all manner of cute peasanty tops, like this one and ooh, this one both from Nordstrom Rack. For something in a similar print, this Topshop blouse is awfully pretty and how great is this leopard blouse from LOFT? 

Alright, down to business. I'm wearing the Gap shorts from last week (why did nobody tell me the link was wrong? I fixed it) and they only have a few sizes right now, but they have restocked a few times. They're good shorts  - mid rise with a grown-person 5" inseam and they're nicely slouchy. Also, they are true to size. NOW. I also mentioned a pair of Joe's Bermuda shorts that I was waffling about keeping: 

They live with me now. I did that thing where I wore them around the house and an hour later I just casually reached back and pulled off the tag. I mean, they are SO GOOD. These shorts are soft and comfy and just the right amount of slouchy. (PS. I went up a size in these.) I wanted a Bermuda length that wasn't tight or aggressive and I apparently just needed to spend a stupid amount of money to get them. Fine. FINE. I'm supposed to be in Prague right now but instead I buy shorts. Everything is fine. Details: 

I'm wearing my labradorite and Onyx necklace made by my friend Maryellen and I love it's boho vibe for summer, while still being black and grey just for me. I'm also wearing my Lulu Frost evil eye earrings that I bought a few months ago and then completely forgot about. You can still find them on Posh and the like, but there are tons of good evil eye stud earrings out there. I love this pair for it's fancy bling, this pair for being coolly understated and this pair for being outright creepy in the best way. EYE BALL LOOKING AT YOU. 

A close up of the Joe's shorts and my Birkenstock Gizeh sandals in copper. The Gizeh is a really pretty, summery style and they're the Birkenstocks you buy if the Arizona is too hippie-sandal for you. (But you will buy the Arizonas eventually. Sorry, you will.) That's it for today! Next week I've been challenged by Marianne to wear an outfit that doesn't include any denim or Athleta. Like, maybe a dress? We'll see.


  1. I completely understand about the retail therapy instead of travel. I keep buying equestrian gear since we haven't been able to show this season (since March waaah). So your Everything is FINE comment made me grin. Know that you aren't alone. :-)

    1. Oh, totally! I'm sorry about your show season! I'm pretty sure my bike race season this fall ain't happening, so I feel you. Related: I have been buying a lot of mountain bike gear.

  2. I love all the Dolan pieces on Nordstrom Rack!