Monday, June 8, 2020

Monday Mood: Every Seven Days, Like It Or Not.

It felt right to take a step back last week but I definitely miss you all, my blog friends, so I'm hoping that it's okay to slide gently into the week with some recommendations? Here are some things that are not totally bumming me out:

This movie that won't make you feel bad.
Troop Zero on Amazon Prime is delightful. It’s got Viola Davis, Allison Janey and Jim Gaffigan, along with a bunch of kid actors who actually look like normal kids. It's the best kind of funny, endearing underdog story, full of excellent 1970s raised-by-wolves childhood nostalgia (holla Gen-X!)) and lots of David Bowie references (which you know I love.)

These Masks That My Friend Makes. 
My friend Nicole of Nicole Lee Designs has been making beautifully crafted purses and totes for years and now she's making masks! They sell out fast, so snap one up if you see a print you like. I personally think the strawberries are SO cute.

This Podcast That's Worth a Re-Mention.
We mentioned this one briefly last month, but I think it deserves it's own billing. Staying In with Emily and Kumail is the podcast I listen to when I need a break from the heavy newsy podcasts I tend to listen to every day. It's Emily V. Gordon and Kumail Nanjiani in quarantine together, chatting about living under quarantine, making some fun recommendations and interviewing cool people like Issa Rae and Tan France. Their profits go to charities helping those affected by Coronavirus.

This serum that maybe does something?
I recently added The Ordinary Marine Hyaluronics to an order so I could get free shipping. It was definitely an impulse purchase, one made because it sounded more interesting than plain ole hyaluronic acid. Luckily, it's good! It's got a watery texture (so more like a hydrating toner, I guess) and I have to move fast, applying it to my still-damp face immediate after cleansing. It makes my dehydrated/reactive skin feel better and more moisturized and doesn't irritate at all. It also seems to help my other products absorb better, which is a nice bonus. It's not a life-changing product but I've been pleasantly surprised by it. Plus, it's under $7!


  1. I loved Troop Zero! So funny!

    Side note - Why don't people raise their kids like that any more? Gen X rocks

  2. Please slide gently into my week. I missed you!

  3. I loved Troop Zero too! It was so unexpected and cute! Also, just loved Little Fires Everywhere on Amazon Prime!!!

  4. I think I started listening to "Staying In" on your recommendation and it was so great! I listened to the final episode today and honestly feel kind of bereft. This post is a great reminder that Troop Zero is on my list, though!


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