Tuesday, June 23, 2020

We Discuss: The Long Con.

Def won't make you go blind.

A: I think you've finally convinced me that I can't go another day without GrandeLash

M: I am extremely excited to have you on board

A: I guess I'll start with the travel size?

M: Ulta has an even mini-er version along with the mascara which I know nothing about

A: Since you finally convinced me, can you give me a mini review for the blog? 

A: Related: It’s really hard to take eye lash pics

M: Yeah it’s hard! Try looking down or up and to the side

M: Why I love GrandeLash: I have tried other, more expensive lash serums like Latisse (SO EXPENSIVE WHY) and Rodan and Fields (works, but still pricey and an MLM), and for me GrandeLash was the clear winner. I like the skinny brush applicator, it makes it easy to apply to the lash line only. A tube lasts for months and the stuff just works. It’s less irritating than the other serums I’ve tried as well (but will sting if you get it in your eyes, just like...anything). And it works! Get you some.



M: This is an elaborate trap

A: I figured this was your endgame

M: Finally, Adrien will be blind

A: I knew it

M: It was a really long con

A: Well played

M: I mean my god, the better part of 20 years

A: You really do have it out for my eyesight

A: That takes commitment

M: Everyone has their hobbies

A: You just made me snort-laugh in the grocery store

M: My work here is done

A: But, like, thanks for making me your hobby!


  1. GrandeLash does work! For me it definitely took 8+ weeks to really notice a difference, but now my lashes look great. I just saw my mom for the first time in months and she wanted to know what I was doing with my lashes because they looked so long. Highly recommend!

  2. We all need a good snort-laff these days :)


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