Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Marianne: Your pants, I'm wearing them.

You know what you will almost never see me in? Dress pants. I only have a couple of pairs, but every time I wear them I feel like I'm wearing someone else's clothes. Does that even make sense?
This outfit was so...brown. A testament to not planning ahead. And like I said, I felt like it wasn't me at all. I tried to punch it up with some fun accessories:
But God, I swear these pants fit. That awful pulling in the crotch area is like my own personal war crime.
Ugh, why so much brown, Marianne? I'm determined to wear some things that just sit in my closet, but maybe I should just be getting rid of them. This top is pretty, though, just maybe it would be better tucked into a pencil skirt with a jewel-toned cardigan? Doesn't that sound miles better than this Brownfest?
I thought these looked okay from the side. But now that I'm seeing the front, well, NEVER AGAIN.
Gratuitous accessories shots. A couple of people asked about my orange gloves in an earlier post. Fabulous, aren't they? They were a Christmas gift from Chris. Fratelli Orsini leather gloves in pumpkin. Lined in cashmere and wooonderful. They are the only good thing about winter right now.
Stupid pants.

top: Banana Republic (similar cut here)
sweater: Old Navy (similar here)
pants: Tahari (similar here)
shoes: Biviel (similar version in suede here)
bag: Marc Jacobs pocket satchel
scarf: J.Crew
coat: Cynthia Rowley


  1. I feel the EXACT same way about all three pairs of dress pants I own.

  2. In my whole life, I have only found one pair of dress pants that fit and looked great. I got them at Target when I was in the middle of my Great Postpartum Shrinkathon, so unfortunately they fit for only two weeks. And now, post-shrinking (I lost my butt! seriously, where did it go?!), I can't find a single damned pair of pants, jeans, anything but leggings or athletic stretchy pants that will fit. It's all dresses, skirts, and yoga pants for me from here on out.

    The moral of the story is: dress pants are the worst, and for each of us out there who needs them on occasion, there is one pair that will work, and you will never find it.

  3. You look cute. There's nothing wrong with that outfit. The pants look like they fit great, and the accessories are all really luxe and complimentary. I don't really understand all the self-deprication.

  4. Why have a fashion blog if you think you look so terrible all the time???

  5. I'll take this one. Listen, first of all, this is a personal style blog, not a fashion blog. One of the things we swore when we started this blog was to post the good AND the bad. We want to learn from our mistakes and we think it's more realistic to admit that we don't always hit the mark. If you want 100% perfection 100% of the time, you're reading the wrong blog.

  6. Since when do I think I look terrible all the time? I just don't like these pants. And really, we are all about self-deprecation, it's called being sarcasting. Adrien and I are the co-Valedictorians of Sarcasm University.

  7. Good lord, we are our own worst critics and sometimes we need some perspective, but yeah, I keep buying dress pants with big dreams to make them work and I can't make it happen without feeling like I'm not myself.
    You totally look nice and acceptable (those gloves are amazing!) but the fabric flopping around the ankles all day drives me insane! We've been ruined by skinnies!

  8. Well, I've been reading for the past few months & totally appreciate that you post both good & bad fashion days, because we all have them.
    Thanks for sharing an honest look into your daily style! Dress pants are tough.
    I prefer dresses as well!