Monday, February 21, 2011

Marianne: On my shoulders.

Angel: It's February.

Devil: Yes, but it's been over 60 degrees for a week.

Angel: February.

Devil: Yes, but the crocuses are blooming!
Angel: Not only is it February, that skirt is far too short on you. Even Lulu knows it.

Devil: Okay, you might have me there...but the boots and the socks mean much less leg is showing? I don't know.

Angel: Lulu is crying.
Devil: Oh crap.

camisole: Eloise
sweater: American Eagle
corduroy jacket: Marc by Marc Jacobs
denim skirt: Banana Republic
boots: vintage Justins

On Lulu: StrideRite boots, Polarn O. Pyret sweatshirt tunic and GapKids padded knee leggings.
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  1. Lulu is crying because soon she won't be able to wear that funky little sweatshirt anymore! So cute!

  2. Those boots are the best thing EVERRRRR.

  3. I agree with the devil. Your outfit looks great.

  4. Devil's Advocate here! Love the boots and the skirt! Rock on! Very cute post!