Monday, February 28, 2011

Adrien: I'm a Copy Cat.

I loved my friend Jessica's red dress so much that when I was in Anthropologie last week I saw one on the sale room and knew I had to try it on. I also tried on some other stuff because the sale room was jam-packed full in a way that almost made it impossible to browse. They need to clearance out some of that stuff because most of it was still too expensive and there was SO MUCH OF IT.

First, I grabbed the Easy Keeper skirt because it's so cute on Wardrobe Review but I didn't much like it on me:

Also, the zipper was broken which I found worrisome. I also tried on this weird skirt with leather panels in the front:
I liked the concept but the execution and fit was not there.

This dress has potential to look kind of cool and drape-y on the right person:

But the meh color and odd shape didn't really work on me. Finally, I tried on Jessica's Network Dress:

Black Dresses by Anthropologie at ShopStyle

Pretty cute, eh? I had them hold it for a day so I could really think it over. Then I went and bought the damn thing because how cute it is? Real cute. Outfit coming soon!


  1. Your dressing room reviews are so my favorite! I want you to take me shopping - I never know what to wear.

  2. I love it on you! I'm glad you got it. The Lorene (blue) is a frustrating dress. I tried it on twice, loved the top but it made my butt look square. Evil butt altering dress.

  3. ZOMG, I want that plaid skirt.

    The red dress is very fabulous on you.

  4. There's something to be said about looking at yourself in a mirror and taking a picture of yourself in a mirror. I just discovered this in trying to do some outfit posts, seeing myself as a whole, how others see me.

    Every woman should do this in a dressing room. It makes shopping a lot more objective. You have always made the best choices!

  5. Ur crazy, the easy keeper looks great on you! Love the network dress too