Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Adrien: Casual.

So yesterday was a "casual dress" day at work because we spent the day packing up our office to move to nicer digs. (Yay!) I love that casual means I can wear jeans, but I will tell you that's about as far as I can go. I refuse to do the dreaded sneakers-with-jeans comfort trap. I just will. Not. Do. It. 

Now, when I say sneakers I don't mean Chucks or something of the deliberate and cute nature. I'm talking about jeans with clunky white running shoes. I get it, it's comfortable, but it makes me feel dowdy like nothing else. It sends that "I've given up" message and I'm just not able to go there. I'm too vain. So, my solution is, as always, boots. Specifically, the cute short boots I got last fall at the J. Crew warehouse sale:

When in doubt, add a scarf:

sweater: Gap v-neck
jeans: 7 For All Mankind bootcut
boots: J. Crew (similar also here)
necklace: Twist Style
bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs Hillier Hobo
scarf: Target/Merona (similar)


  1. I work in a casual office where a lot of people wear jeans, t-shirt and chucks on a daily basis. I wear pretty much the exact outfit you posted as my default uniform, sometimes swapping slacks for the jeans. But short boots are my essentials. Love them!

  2. It is amazing how one accessory, your leopard scarf, changes the entire look and takes it to the next level. You look great.

  3. Agree with Shannon! The scarf really did it! Remember back in the day when everyone was wearing flare and bootcut jeans with New Balance running shoes?

  4. I love those boots! I have been pondering that scarf each time I go into Target for cat litter! I love it on you.

  5. Lisa, it was marked down to $3 at my Target! I say buy it the next time you are there. If you ever dig your way out of your condo.

  6. Cute boots! What cracks me up the most is seeing women at a night club in jeans & clunky tennis shoes. Of course most of them are rockin' the beer gut flesh belt so what do you expect to be on their feet ;o)?

  7. I have those boots and love them. I wear them a ton in the winter. I totally agree with you about the running shoes. I mean they're hideous, and I got the cutest ones I could find. The women at the running store was completely annoyed with me for picking shoes based on appearance, but I have a hard enough time finding the motivation to get to the gym. Fugly shoes aren't going to help.

    I wear chucks occasionally although my teenage son and daughter insist that I'm too old for them. So I bought another pair.

    I feel like some are threatened by people who dress well. My son plays baseball and I go to A LOT of baseball games. My standard uniform for that is a casual skirt, a tee or tank, and flat sandals. I get frequent comments about being over-dressed. I never comment about the tacky things other people are wearing. It's annoying.

    Anyway I recently found your blog and love it. You two are hysterical.


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