Monday, January 31, 2011

Adrien: Saturated.

I will be the first to say that this outfit doesn't thrill me - I just can't get that excited about pants, a t-shirt and a cardigan. Eh. It's not terrible, just not that interesting. What I do like is saturated color and that I do have going for me:

And fine, here's a toothy smile for the anonymous commenter who demanded it:

cardigan: Banana Republic Italian spun pointelle cardigan
shoes: Kenneth Cole Reaction (similar)
bag: Marc Jacobs (similar)
necklace: Twist Style


  1. I think you look classic and chic! I love the color combo and don't find this to be remotely boring. Elegance is never boring! Nice smile too!

  2. Aww.. now I feel bad about saying smile, I just liked it in the older posts but now I feel creepy for saying so. Maybe if I can get my act and my blog together I'll have a post where you can tell me I should do something and I will realize you were thinking "Who the hell does she think she is?" Anyway thank you for the motivation to try and be more stylish everyday(I find it a challenge). Signed, Sarah (Previously Anonymous)

  3. Aw, don't feel bad! I just don't really like my teeth so I don't do the toothy smile thing very much.