Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Adrien: Sale Goggles. Or, I try on the World's Ugliest Pants just for you.

The things I do for you people. I mean it. It's my birthday month and Anthropologie sent me a cute little 15% off birthday discount card. My last perusal of the sale racks there left me shaking my head, so I wasn't sure I'd really find anything. But, I do need a belt (see my last outfit) and I thought it was worth a look. I took Kate with me because I'm mean like that.

Now, it's been well-documented that I have a love/hate relationship with Anthro. What I love I really love and what I hate is just, well, hateful. I can't abide the no-color frills and floof that they seem to be stocking, but I do really love a simple drapey top, interesting and vintage details and the shoes. Oh god, the shoes.

We delved into the sale racks and it quickly became clear that the only things left were the horrible things. So, hell, I decided I'd try on a few of them. This first top (not on the website) actually looked interesting on the hanger, but the material felt awful and it was too big:

And remember when I was all, "I will try on skinny cargo pants to prove they look awful!" yeah, well, THEY DO:

These are the Joe's Sateen Skinny Cargos. Please note how cute they look on Kate who's standing next to me. Hmph. She didn't buy them, though, because even though they were on sale, they were still a bit too much.

Next I tried on these Ella Moss Free-Spirited Tunics which, again, looked cute on the hanger, not so much on me:

The size small was ENORMOUS. And not in a "tunic" way, just in a baggy sad mess way. The second one is an extra small and it fit, but was not for me.

Finally, just for kicks, I tried on something horrid called the Lunar Mum Crops. That is a bad name for a pair of truly hideous pants. I mean:

FOR YOU. For you I have tried these on, taken a photo and POSTED IT IN ON THE INTERNET WHERE IT WILL LIVE FOREVER. I hope you appreciate it.

(PS. I did buy something! But that's a story for another entry.)


  1. That first top was really interesting. Shame it didn't work. I really don't understand their sizes.

    I don't think the cargo skinnies looked bad on you! Maybe a half-size bigger? I love mine from Old Navy!

    Those last pants.... ahahahaha! Nice.

  2. I almost bought that first top. It isn't showing up on the website, but I have it saved in my shopping cart and it doesn't say sold out. Weird.

  3. Haha, I love them! You did a good deed today by sacrificing yourself to make me smile. I'm excited to see what you bought!

  4. Those are, without a doubt, the ugliest pants I've ever seen. You did a great service to your fashion sisters. Thanks!

  5. Sort of OT, but I went into that Marshalls last week (yes, the same one) and saw NO Martin + Osa!! Did I wait too long?

    I got some other nice stuff, though: couple bras, some loungey tops, a Calvin Klen dress. It was a successful trip.

    Adrien, I was wondering if you have any good consignment shop (around Chesterfield) recommendations. "Good" means not snobby, and also not Plato's closet, as I think most of my items are a little too mature for them.

    Thanks! I heart you guys, and I'm a faithful LGFTB lurker :)

  6. Hi, thanks for reading! I found the cardigan a few weeks ago and the Martin + Osa stuff I saw there was all mixed in, not on a rack all together. There wasn't a ton of it, so it may be gone.

    And honestly, the only consignment shop I use is Clementine in Carytown. The others don't even come close.

  7. I sort of like those last pants. They're very Seuss, like another pair of pants (green, with nobody inside them) might want to pick plants in the print.