Thursday, January 13, 2011

Marianne: Cleaning out my closet.

Yup. My resolutions have begun in earnest. I'm taking a hard look at my closet and finally parting ways with things I love, but don't wear for a variety of reasons. loss is your gain! I'm listing these things for sale for well under what I could sell them for on eBay.
There are shoes that are like a beach vacation for your feet:
A truly covetable handbag:
An iconic wrap dress:
And a classic jersey dress:
I'll be listing all of these things for higher prices on eBay in a couple of days, so this is your chance to get some great deals! And, if I stick to my resolutions, there is plenty more where this came from.


  1. Holy Cow... if I wasn't trying not to shop that BCBG dress and Rebecca Minkoff bag would be mine! Everyone should jump on this these prices are crazy :)

  2. Iris...they are calling your name. Can you hear that? Iiiiirrrriiiissss

  3. That Calypso dress is calling mine....must.resist.....

    We'll see how long I last....

  4. WHY would you put that RM bag in front of my face? Aaaah...self control Jessica, self control.

  5. The bag sold, y'all! I'm sorry. But...lots of great dresses and some Marais shoes too!

  6. In case you're checking in, everything is going on eBay today! So if you want something, I'll tack on a buck or two to cover the cost of taking the listing down. xoxo

  7. Gosh I wish those sandles were a size 10. So cute! :)