Monday, January 24, 2011

Marianne: Favorite.

Let me start by saying this isn't a favorite outfit. And it's also a lesson in Take Pictures In The Morning Before The Weight Of The World Shows On Your Face.
But it's a favorite shirt I've had this pretty Marc Jacobs shirt for...6 years? I think six years, if I do the math. Possibly even longer. I could not possibly love the fabric more. I'm trying to not wear it as often now because it's finally showing some wear. Just a bit of fading in the trim and pilling around the armpits. I think the cost per wear at this point is something like half a penny.
Close up of the fabric. The shirt is sleeveless and the straps are a coral pink. Even though it's sleeveless I prefer to wear it as a pop of color under cardigans in the fall and winter. The loose cut isn't as flattering on me without a cardigan to nip in the waist a bit.
So, yeah. Nondescript jeans and cardigan, cute shoe and sock combo that I forgot to document (argh), but a great shirt. Do you have a favorite or unique wardrobe workhorse? Do tell.

shirt: Marc by Marc Jacobs
cardigan: Tahari
shoes: Biviel (here in taupe for a great price! I love these shoes.)
necklace: Diana Warner


  1. I think you look fabulous in the outfit! The colors are great on you and your legs are miles long in those jeans!

  2. I love patterns like that. Do you have any cool, patterned scarves? I would like to get one. I saw one at Old Navy, but it needed to go on sale more first. :)