Friday, January 28, 2011



A: GOD. I don't understand what she's wearing BUT I WANT IT REAL BAD.

M: I mean what the fuck? Green...leather? Is it leather?

Those shoes.

A: I think it's a green...leather...trench? She's wearing a green leather trench. And making it look like awesome.

And those shoes? Make me want to break my face because I will never have them. Or the life they require.

M: I swear to god she's wearing some kind of breastplate. She is from another planet.

A: She is! I think my favorite thing about that photograph is all the normal floating around her like a muted background for her insanity. I think she is an alien. A glorious alien.

M: I need for our readers to understand that this is a Gio Positive Zone. I will not abide hatefulness.

How many virgins do you think I have to sacrifice to get my hair to look like hers?

A: Dude, your hair is already there. Many would have to die for mine to even come close.

I'm obsessed with the little metallic V notch on the pocket of her coat. I want that.

M: I keep looking at her shoes. And the jeans on the man behind her. I can't believe she isn't incinerating him with her eyes.

You can have the little v notch, I'll have the odd (perfect) snappy placket up by the collar. We can cling to these.

M: Look at her ring! She will kill you with that ring.

A: Oh, I dig the snappy placket too! I think that's what I love about enormously expensive clothing I can never hope to own - the details are just so PERFECT.  I can't even look at the shoes anymore because because because they...hurt my feelings by not being mine.

I keep expecting lasers to shoot from her eyes. Pew pew pew!

A: You know what she keeps in that tiny clutch? Souls of the unfashionable.

M: Bwahahahahaaa.

A: Don't laugh, dude. There is room in there for SCOFFERS too.

M: *meep*