Friday, January 14, 2011

Gamine Smackdown.

Adrien: Okay, can we talk about Carey Mulligan?

because I've decided I want to be her when I grow up.  Shut up.

Marianne: Oh, I think that's a completely reasonable goal. I know! You be her, and I'll be Michelle Williams. We can swan around being blonde and gamine together.

A: God, we are so freaking CUTE. Look how cute we are!

M: I know! Have you noticed how good I look in red lipstick? It's always perfectly applied, too. Man, we really rock the platinum bob, don't we?

A: We totally do. And, I'm really likable. Do you know that in my Vogue interview it was mentioned that my favorite movie is Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade? Could I be more ADORABLE. I DON'T THINK SO.

I have no idea why I'm dating Shia LeBeouf though. I think my agent is making me. He's such a douche.

A: Oh wait, we broke up! Phew. Close call, that one.

M: Your accent is so charming!

A: Isn't it just? So, how are things with Ryan Gosling? JUST ADMIT YOU'RE DATING.

M: *bats my mile long lashes demurely*

Carey, darling, I am a professional. We have a mutual respect for each other and I find him deeply talented.

In bed.


A: Hmm, I'm going to be filming a movie with him soon, so.

M: Just because we're friends, don't think that I won't cut you.

Can we talk about how good I look in this yellow dress? The other day I was swimming in my pool of hundred dollar bills and this dress popped into my head. Fabulous, aren't I?


A: Please don't hurt me!  That dress looks super on you! It's hard to pull off yellow.

M: Thank you. You know, dear, you look pretty cute in yellow, too. This dress would look awful on a commoner. Plus, adorable hair.


A: Oh thank you! Too kind. Those shoes hurt like a bitch, but worth it. ALL WORTH IT FOR GAMINE WORLD DOMINATION. I mean, what? Goodness. I must have a cough. *cough*

M: Even when you're plotting the downfall of Western Civilization, you're precious. Your voice sounds like butterfly wings.

A: Oh, you are a delightful creature. We should combine forces.

M: I'm going to tell you a little secret...all of this crazy snow?

I did that!

A: I am scared now.

M: Wait until you see what I have planned for spring. Did you know that in some third world countries the translation for El Nino is Michelle Williams? MWA HA HAAA. Ahem. Excuse me, I don't know what that was.

A: going to go now?

M: Goodbye dear. Don't forget, while you're filming with my Ryan...

sleep with one eye open.


A: meep!


  1. You are hilarious, end of story! I'm heading to work with a smile on my face :)

  2. So funny! I needed a giggle this morning.

  3. My fave blog! You guys are so cool.

  4. awesome :)

    p.s. i wish i could pull off one of their pixie haircuts. (sigh)

  5. Michelle Williams in that yellow gown is the best red carpet look that ever was or ever will be. No point in anybody else even trying.