Thursday, February 3, 2011


Okay, so I had, like, three days in there where I was completely uninterested in acquiring any more clothing for winter and not yet even remotely interested in spring stuff. That, my friends, is over. I would also like to say right here and now that Ann Taylor is the new Banana Republic.

From what I've seen, Banana is continuing to bring the meh while a trip to Ann Taylor was all NAUTICAL! CLASSIC! PARISIAN! ANIMAL PRINT! WE ARE AWESOME NOW, RIGHT?

RIGHT. You got me, Ann Taylor. I am drinking your nautical/striped/Parisian/animal print Kool-Aid. (Wait, I'm pretty sure they don't allow Kool-Aid in Paris, but maybe just this once. Oh yeah!)

So, here's what I want so bad I'm ready to sell organs:

Plus Outerwear by Ann Taylor at ShopStyle

The Perfect Trench Topper. I made the mistake of trying it on. Don't do that. (Now I just have to hope they offer a 40% off coupon before it sells out. God.)

I also pretty much covet the Mid Lady Bag. It's shiny:

Shoulder Bags by Ann Taylor at ShopStyle

Wah! I also love this Side Ruched Print Top:

Plus Tops by Ann Taylor at ShopStyle

And finally, I need this Knit Striped Dress:

Plus Dresses by Ann Taylor at ShopStyle

I mean, sure, I have nine striped shirts but I don't have a striped dress, right? (Unless you count this one but that is TOTALLY DIFFERENT SHUT UP.)


  1. Nice to know someone else is loving Ann Taylor these days too. I keep finding cute, unexpected stuff at Loft but it's been ages since I bought anything from Gap or BR.

  2. Banana Republic has really been letting me down lately. "Meh" is the right word for it. All the designs are boring, and when the design isn't boring, the color is boring. I'm glad Ann Taylor is picking up their slack. I tried on the Side Ruched Print top a few weeks ago and it's pretty awesome. Especially the little zipper in the back.