Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Adrien: Ann Taylor Reviews. Also, I annoy the sales associate.

Isn't it cute when you go into a store like Ann Taylor (or Gap or Banana Republic) and the sales associates assume you're dumb enough to just buy something full price? It's only more ridiculous when you think about the amount of promotions that are lobbed at you via mail and email. I get it, they're desperate, but I'm still not going to waltz into Ann Taylor and drop $158 on a dress on my lunch break. I really think the sales associate thought I was, and then quickly decided to ignore me when she realized I was going to wait for the next promotion (which I think is probably going to be this weekend.) Sorry, lady.

Anyway, I did try on some stuff. Some good, some really good, some really kind of awful. Here you go:

Wild Leopard Print Dress - I loved this. It's really nicely made and much cuter in person. It fit well too.

Wild Leopard Print Skirt - I loved this even more than the dress. You can't tell, but it has great seaming in the back which makes it extra ass-flattering. I will probably buy this when/if I can score a 40% off coupon.

Ruched Print Top and Stretch Jersey Fluid Skirt - Seriously these two things should just be taken out back and shot. The skirt looked like it could be interesting but it was too big and too long and possibly the dowdiest thing I've ever worn. The top I was just trying on for size. I really liked the animal print version but they didn't have it. This print was just...unfortunate. No.

Knit Striped Dress - This was cute but I think I need the next size down. I tried on a medium because that's all they had, but it was a bit too loose. I could see this being cute in the spring with a belt and some red flats, but  it's expensive. And dry-clean only. Eh. I'll most likely pass.


  1. The skirt is very cute, but I LOVE the dress version. You should totally buy it. Or maybe I should. Hmm.

  2. I know I know! I kind of want both but that seems like overkill. The skirt seems like it would be more versatile.

  3. I wish the striped dress wasn't so pricey. Sized down that would be amazing on you.

  4. You are so right that Ann Taylor has some really cute stuff these days. I want the skirt. Want.

  5. Totally go with the skirt!!